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  • 00:00: good afternoon of spectators channel family kitchen today I will cook very tasty dishes national cuisine khinkali what do I need for this will be necessary for sifted flour water and salt very simple dough
  • 00:31: for minced meat it will take 1 part pork and two parts beef you can also use instead of beef mutton headlights are prepared by two ways you can chop and can scroll through meat grinder through large mesh add the bulb onion fresh coriander salt red pepper black pepper and water first thing prepare the salt dough soluble in water here it should be
  • 01:03: room temperatures knead the dough little by little adding water you should turn out to be steep
  • 01:33: dough well kneaded well- blended and
  • 02:52: dough I clean cellophane bag and leave the rest finely chopped onions that the khinkali be succulent on the site
  • 03:24: chopped onions shifting stuffing chopped cilantro add a kenson add water
  • 04:00: and carefully stir the stuffing it needs good
  • 04:31: to make turned out homogeneous mass now rested it can take away this is so tight elastic dough We got we remove it in a package on
  • 05:01: and how many minutes of dough rested you can roll out and cook khinkali first test rolling out a large reservoir then we slice you we cut molds we did not roll out the dough
  • 05:34: Only then will roll out each circle on khinkali batter more is done and than on the change now roll out
  • 06:18: every sochi we form khinkali gently tamper unscrew the top
  • 07:09: while cooking khinkali need to put water to the fire but do not forget her salt boiling water down the khinkali cook for 10
  • 07:48: minutes periodically stir 10 minutes have passed pour in cold water a mug of water and take out khinkali I try that at me happened need very carefully biting because inside the juice is very
  • 08:18: fragrant tender delicious by khinkali from me turned out simply delicacy beyond impossible come off very much a lot of juice turned out eat all the khinkali in addition to the top the top of you remains it does not need to eat here are such delicious and aromatic khinkali I got try to cook treat your close to new meetings so far behold