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  • 00:00: Hello, how are you today? this stamen that is a provider that flame filat and the pattern of this stamen is designed so that the colors integrate very well one with other so your tissues will be spectacular in addition to having a small smart is creating figures or specific patterns according to their since each color is adapting in a grenade way and that also they combine satisfactorily
  • 00:31: you are going to see here how we stay finished this type of yarn for being nuanced is not different layer this side could be the front or the back side if you want more features of this stand you can see them in the description of the work of this video as we are going to show them here how to weave this layer which I hope you like and encourage make is a layer that will have very fast the hook that I'm going to use is 3.5 millimeters how I will start this
  • 01:01: tissue will be with the strand from outside to times since suggested that they pull the strand inside in this case will start with the strand from outside I will start weaving two very reinforced chains so this man is very easy to weave You will see that when they leave it for to be surprised is a very soft thread 100% acrylic but when knitting the gently slips good from
  • 01:31: of the two reinforced chains we will start by weaving 150 chains one two three four here I have already the amount of 150 chains I'm going to join the chains to create a circle to join them I need nothing more see that the face of the chains this all on the same side that it is not crooked we're going to go all all the chains up already and being with the same face up
  • 02:07: here we are going to take the first string the two that we wove were so tight that you can not see the first one that is the one of the size like the others is what we're going to take we fit the hook letting we have a thread on the top of the crochet silos down and from here after having fit it we go to have here a slipped point like this
  • 02:38: with this we are making our two points or the last string in the first they are staying together then from here as already we have the closed circle let's start knitting high points to create our first round for knitting high points the height are three chains left three chains and start in each of the chains with the face towards me that is towards you so that it is easier to take the point here is
  • 03:08: where would the three chains in the next that would be here we're going to knit a high point we go to the next one that would be this the next chain another high point so on up to finish the turn without missing no point and that all the chains to the time they are taking the point they only have one thread left to make it look in this way the finished one looks better let's determine the whole round here
  • 03:38: I'm practically finishing the return everything must be matched look no there should be nothing left crooked so we finished the points here where the three chains came from
  • 04:09: this then this one we are not going to knit and where are the three chains of height in the third string that is the highest here we put the hook for knit a slip stitch and with this we close our turn and let's go with another visa point that does not lead to what is the center between a point and another here we are going to put the hook and we knit slip stitch now let's have here 15 chains 3 4 15 and we let's go by passing two points
  • 04:51: tall this 0 1 this 2 and in the part of in medium just like we did here in the part we are going to have a point here slipped to hang and we remain the 15 chains like that again we weave 15 chains fifteen the same without turning the fabric
  • 05:23: we passed two high points and taking the point in the middle of here without grabbing this point nor the previous one without taking any point in the middle part as well as that we hang like this here I've already been two we are going to weave everything around that we stay like this and when we got here they I say what's next 15 chains and fit them together slide after of two high points
  • 05:53: here I have four high points left that after the two left here the point of view of the last group what I'm going to weave only half of the chains and I will knit a high point quadruple this so that the tissue does not end here but ends in top part because that's where I'm going to continue with the next round so here I am going to weave seven chains one two three four five six seven and as it is quadruple high point I am going to
  • 06:24: grab 4 loops one two three four now where should I put the point of seen what would be after the two high points here I will start to knit pulled a loop and then I'll tease out a loop pulled a thread one lazada took two centuries a loop pulled two silos one loop pulled two threads one lazada pulled out two threads and one last
  • 06:55: released to get the last two threads with this managed to have a height similar to what I have here so that create a sling like this one and the fabric already ended in the part of here and now it's where will I continue we will have here seven chains 2 3 4 5 6 7 and now I 'm going to go where the chains here and without fitting in any chain methods and the hook
  • 07:25: look at what is the center and here I go to tg a half point like that continued with seven chains and continues in the next honda putting the hook like that in the middle and knitting here a half point so I'm going to go now all the way back well I'm already here at the end of the return this is where we start our tissue
  • 07:55: and now he only needs seven chains I need to grab the knitting stitch half a point here that is where the height the wave is that we have here at the end so here I leave you my half point and with this I finished the round complete doing the seven chains ok now let's start here with three chains and we're going to weave on it half a point here to weave two stitches
  • 08:25: tall that is, if we already have three chains they count as if he were one now here let's weave the second high point well we continue seven chains 7 and now in the next half point that we have here we are going to weave two high points in the same place
  • 08:56: the way I fit the hook is right in the center of the half point leaving silos up and then both threads here on either side, here I leave one high point and the second high point in the same place where the first one fits which is right in the middle of the middle point look it is pointed that we are implementing now on this return with seven chains and again two points high fabrics at the half point that
  • 09:26: we have here this is a high point and the one that continues in the same place 2 so let's knit now all this return this is what we have already almost finished the turn then here are the two high points in the same place and then leave the seven chains now here already finishing the back where the first two are
  • 09:56: high points that we weave good from three chains that we weave to give height in the third we are going to fit the hook being the two centuries for the part of back and we take out the hoe and here to knit the slip stitch with which we are closing the lap is pointed out that you see here is the that we are going to apply throughout the layer all the other laps will go as this then I already told you that you do not gives signs of how to close the round right now I'm going to tell you how start the turn that is how they are going to
  • 10:26: visit to start all the laps to from this with three chains and in where is the second high point here is the chain above good we take these two centuries so and here we have our high point we will continue to be the two points high in the same place and we will knit here seven chains and again where are the two high points we are going to knit a point at the first high point high and at the second high point
  • 10:58: another high point that I'm taking the high points look at them I take them so I stayed in the two centuries of the chain up and in the next same then let's knit the two high points the seven chains two high points seven chains well going to be all the laps you want until you achieve the length of the layer that you want to knit I have the amount of laps that I need for this layer that length that I like
  • 11:29: it was 31 laps after the first spin we wove in the part of here with is targeted this would be round 12 34 and so I'll counting until you get 30 and one is that then the last round that we are knitting with it is targeted here I'm going to weave my last seven chains and I'm going to close the round at the height of those of the third chain here fit and
  • 12:00: pulled out a good slipped point I'm going to start with a slipped point that is going to take to the center of these two points high that I have here so from here I will start with two chains and I'm going to weave in the same place that is here in the center a half point in this last round what let's use are going to be midpoints then let's weave inside these of this hole that would be hanging in these chains
  • 12:31: we are going to weave half points were going to be ten in total here we have seven chains but ten average points will be left this is so that it generates a wave ok we started is 12345678 here run a little half the points 9 10
  • 13:04: regularly to be protecting only they are accommodating now let's pass this point high and in the middle we're going to weave a medium point is only going to be a half point here and then ten other media points that will be hung here and it's basically what we have to do in all the outline to give finished the finished this way this layer I'll continue until I get here 8 9
  • 13:34: 10 with this the ten media ends points to get to the end and here I I find the two chains that I have standing at the height of the half point here I'm just going to put the hook weave a point of visas and with this already it is finished I'm going to weave a chain and then cut the yarn for this and finish our layer we adjust very well so that the chain
  • 14:06: that you must hide and I will hide the stamen through the points of purple Well I hope you like him either utility and then you see that using and the nuanced ones we can also give a different touch to our fabrics thank you for being here I am very well until next time