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  • 00:00: ProShow Producer lesson "book flip" part 1 Good day to all among the fans of the program ProShow Producer It is very popular style "flip book" Now I have on the screen one of such examples by popular demand subscribers I made a video tutorial how to make a "book clamshell" Here you can see
  • 00:32: open book, there are items this style we'll analyze today so, let's begin becoming the tape slides press the right button and insert a blank slide insert add a blank slide go to settings of the slide click on the + and add an image
  • 01:03: in this case the background I just want to set it up movement To do this, I get 2 keyframe I move the mouse wheel exhibit background like this add another keyframe
  • 01:34: getting 3 keyframe and a copy of the previous Movement in the 2 and 3 always keyframes and the second keyframe I Move Slide time to set 30 seconds transitions and 0.5 seconds
  • 02:06: then we will see may have to change but still leave it at that let's see what we've got here's a little background moves our We stop and add album artwork I press the "+" to add an image Here album cover until it is in a form
  • 02:37: the first thing we need to do change the center of rotation by default, it is always in the center of the layer we need him to be standing here for this trial on Y axis I put -45 It received little we need to make this point was lower I put -42
  • 03:10: Here was the point in his place copy the previous keyframe and now the spirit of our movement Cover let's add some keyframes let it be until 5 if necessary we will then change becoming the first keyframe
  • 03:41: Our cover will go top in the first keyframe so be here in the second keyframe a little smaller and move the keyframe the third key frame
  • 04:11: make a small vertical inclination to the album I lay on the table make it a little less like this slightly increase
  • 04:42: Well, something like this, so he She is lying on the table here is a movement in the third keyframe copy the keyframe to the next Move it no one milks
  • 05:12: that is, some time is album and then we'll open it cover should open like this fourth keyframe copy in the fifth, to avoid unnecessary movements go to the fifth keyframe and we need to put here -90 degrees
  • 05:42: This vertical slope that is our cover up to this point was visible then she disappears it is no longer visible let's see what we've got Here leaves our album gently rests on the table and opens with this layer, we figured out
  • 06:15: Let's now add to our lists of albums the cover we did, and now add sheets for that we are on the cover layer and duplicate it press the right mouse button and choose Duplicate layer become the lower layer immediately exchange it on the album layer so we go to the correction
  • 06:46: choose folder immediately it should be renamed so we then not confused layers will be very much so that we can work in peace do not mess up work Now press the right mouse button choose to rename layer and write the album list here Now go to the Effects
  • 07:24: and that it we had little visible change him parameters of Y axis that is, this is a linear motion we will change by 1 unit in the first keyframe should -81.32 I put -80.32 second keyframe -19 I put -18 the third key frame 53
  • 07:57: in the fourth, too 53 53 in the fifth and the fifth frame Move to the end let's see what we get now appeared the volume the album has already become volumetric similar
  • 08:30: let's add more sheets I do add 2 I get on with the album list click the right mouse button and duplicate the layer 2 times Now we will have three sheets a second sheet rename on the album leaf 2 and a third sheet
  • 09:07: Album leaf 3 will omit them 2 become sheet on the first keyframe 80 was set -79 just change everyone else keyframes
  • 09:37: simply omit the Y-axis become the third sheet make him the same but now we need to reduce by 2 we focused on the very first page
  • 10:08: therefore change by 2 units let's see what we've got that's seen our thick album which lays down opened sheets
  • 10:40: now we need to in all these layers 4 keyframe copy 5 that there was no movement look then came the album
  • 11:12: opens and on this yet ended let's make a page which will show us an album abroach for this becomes the cover again Right-click the duplicate layer become the lower layer
  • 11:43: and choose another image I will take the gradient especially while I will not take pictures To make it clearer We go to the Effects on this layer you want to add 2 keyframes I get 5 keyframe
  • 12:13: and at the end add 2 more keyframes 7 we copy the previous 6 is copied to the previous 7 put to the end 6 somewhere in the middle and 5 should be combined fifth on the cover layer go in the keyframe editor on the cover was a time
  • 12:44: 10,151 there was a time become 5 keyframe gradient and set at the same time a fifth keyframe linear slope -90 in the sixth -190
  • 13:14: 7 put -180 we like open the lid it's a bit rediscovered and returned to the position that we need let's see what we happened Now the album falls
  • 13:47: page opens appears gradient Now we can add them here eg pictures here is one and further slightly reduced
  • 14:20: rotate about this place gdeotkrylas page album expose the photo here one copy the next keyframe and second can you do it individually decorate these photos as you like
  • 14:52: and then insert Here is one, but the second here you can put transitions I will not be on this focus you already know let's see what happened is album lays on the table
  • 15:22: opens this background, you change later and then there are our pictures and here it should be copied to the next keyframe look Our photos appeared Now let's try to make so that we have another piece of rolled over
  • 15:53: To do this, we'll take this cover a green gradient duplicate I set it up pictures like this change the color to It was clear that this different sheet take the blue We go to the Effects
  • 16:23: let us now see what we happened since this layer we have exactly the same as the green, we see that he's just replaced the green in order to second page I opened a little later we have to move the keyframes that is, we are in the sixth keyframe Move it on time fifth keyframe Move
  • 16:53: and chetvorty we need to move in here and now look Here the first layer and second it covers everything worked out In this first part of the lesson is over
  • 17:25: in the second part we'll look at how on the plane put some additional items