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Mussovy cake \

Mussovy cake \"HOLODNOYE SERDTSE\" in mirror glaze. Step-by-step execution.  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello everyone today I will cook modern dessert mousse cake which consists of chocolate biscuit berry computer vanilla mousse and mirror glaze I'll use such silicone form, you can use any silicone mold small need food the film is not do without immersion blender and pyrometer and me
  • 00:30: need food I use dye gel dyes here such substrate for cake and here are cutting that me need for biscuit and berry confit prepare their muse I start with a cake preparation berry confit I will have it cranberry for cooking berry Kansk we will need first of all for the match sheet gelatin cold water
  • 01:00: about 10 minutes stewpot are putting defrosted cranberries and break through immersion blender puree ready puree triturated through a sieve to remove solid particles then pour the sugar
  • 01:31: corn starch mix is not convenient do it with a fork berry puree put the small fire in it add sugar mixed with starch and mix well silicone spatula that was not lumps feast and bring to boiling constantly stirring when the mass thickened and boiled
  • 02:01: remove from heat swollen gelatin squeeze and add puree well mix up complete dissolution gelatin baking blanketed cling film and pour sauce attention to the thickness of the layer must be less than 7
  • 02:32: millimeters check the thickness toothpick if you got longer remove with a spoon surplus and mashed Cleaned in the freezer camera until complete freeze until confit freezes Let us cooking chocolate biscuit in a bowl break 4 eggs add sugar whisk until completely
  • 03:10: sugar dissolve add to flour cocoa and baking powder well all stir into the egg mixture constantly stirring slowly adding mixed dry ingredients then add
  • 03:46: olive oil mix add milk mix baking dish thoroughly lubricate butter or put the parchment pour chocolate dough form check toothpick thickness
  • 04:20: must be at least five millimeters in I got More so I finished biscuit divided into two layers bake biscuit in oven preheated 160 degrees for 25-30 minutes until ready biscuit cooling down to room temperature start to make vanilla muse gelatin sheet
  • 04:54: soaked in cold water before swelling We take a couple of pods vanilla or vanilla extract a sharp knife cut pod length and scrape the seeds from both halves vanillin or vanilla sugar then will not work a saucepan pour add milk pods and vanilla seeds bring to a boil and
  • 05:26: remove from heat milk filter through a sieve to get rid from large pieces ponili swollen Gelatin squeeze and introducing the hot milk mix up complete dissolution gelatin in hot The mixture was added the broken white chocolate constantly stirring with a spatula or whisk chocolate
  • 05:56: quickly melted after good We mix everything add zest orange mix high capacity pour chilled cream whisk until the state strong foam when chocolate mixture slightly cooled introduce and no whipped cream
  • 06:27: parts necessary mix spatula in one direction beater here will not work otherwise destroyed air bubbles and will be lost airy effect vanilla muse citrus notes ready to begin assembly of cake silicone mold We put on a flat and hard surface to cake
  • 06:57: froze smooth fill the form muse about one a third is convenient do dimensional cup and remove it in the freezer for about 5 minutes to layer clutched then the layers will clear and beautiful take frozen cranberry confit and cooled chocolate special biscuit You cut out the nets select circles
  • 07:28: In the way that mug size chocolate biscuit I turned a little less shape and size berry confit slightly smaller circle chocolate biscuit further solidified layer and spread muse confit in the center neatly on top pour looking for us so that left the floor
  • 07:58: centimeters from the edge cell I remind you that I biscuit turned thicker so I It had its share into two layers the thickness of the finished sponge should be no more than 7 mm and carefully laid center biscuit bit I dent in his muse but so he did not run away
  • 08:28: out of shape important not to hurry I put away in the freezer together with a solid the surface of at least 3 4:00 but came the key cooking time mirror glaze first of all cold water soaked gelatin in a bowl broken down and put white chocolate to melt the water bath or microwave saucepan combine
  • 09:00: sugar water and the syrup is easy for set on fire and warm up the mixture to sugar dissolve about 100 300 4 degrees add gelatin and pressed mix up complete dissolution gelatin in a bowl emptied melted white chocolate To this was added
  • 09:30: condensed cream stirring constantly trickle pour syrup add food dye is adjustable drops until We obtain the desired color Hand blenders break through the mirror icing hold blender almost vertically and rises high
  • 10:00: that it was not formed lots of bubbles qualitatively cooked glaze capable reflect the objects and if suddenly you are all yet formed the bubbles skip the glaze through a fine sieve We put the grille and under her plate or pan for collection excess glaze We get pastries from and freezer squeezing them out forms of working
  • 10:30: temperature mirror glaze 29 degrees gently pour cakes mirror glaze and start casting from the center of spiral to glaze to uniformly covered cake remnants glaze collect at provided that if it is not fall pieces cake and necessity and heated again use after cake stood take five minutes the thinnest blade
  • 11:01: 2 and can remove and cakes with lattice and put them on the substrate mirror glaze very naughty Work carefully but that's all rubbish and cakes mirror glaze is ready subscribe to my channel as well as on my blog there
  • 11:31: text description if all recipes you liked the video place Like Thanks all for watching and I I wish you a pleasant vanilla tea Musa and and here and here cooking Usovo
  • 12:01: Well yes cake It is cooking Usovo cake