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  • 00:00: hello we are in the kitchen It's time distracted and please yourself anything tasty and today within the framework of of our week healthy food we let's do pizza now many such what pizza is that scoffs healthy nutrition pizza we have it unusual pisa because that instead of that we will use cauliflower it some very hand recipe I'll be his first time try and hope
  • 00:30: what will turn out delicious if you get delicious then this video will be lie on the canal let's go see that for today it is necessary and Let's start preparing for us today it will be necessary cauliflower fresh from me is simple gigantic kachan I do not know yet will I be use it all also for this the test itself need an egg and salt in principle if you are in your useful food allow still such product as Parmesan type some solid varieties in principle can be small chips cheese add more in the dough then she probably
  • 01:00: will be more crispy but I will cook simply from color cabbage eggs salt and top I decided that I am today I will make tomato sauce for this me need a large preferably very sweet tomato also i will use fresh parsley but also add a little garlic I will show it in process like me it I'll prepare a supplement pizza with black olives I'll add a little bit mozzarella well, absolutely a little bit, well, should be there something like cheese course so cabbage should be removed leaves
  • 01:30: and we need inflorescences that is, we will divide right on the inflorescence to us we need our cabbage chop very, very small how inflorescence is easy can be separated in principle of doing this knife but I rather just plain I will use a blender need such a very fine grinding such a trifle is necessary
  • 02:01: turn an entire knife cabbage shift it parts simply in I decided that the bowl these folders I I will not use will use only from poppy part I I not used the entire cauliflower somewhere half can because the third I have two turned out here such cups as doing each queue put microwave oven in minutes movie 2 all this should warm up so she then easily identified two minutes of moisture passed with us our is called cauliflower us you need to take him
  • 02:31: gauze could not or some just pure I put out a towel our hot colored cabbage on gauze and let this be the case so far that the cooling time is still I will add the second portion when it cools down it will be possible all to squeeze well so that we can dry cabbage because that if she wet and no the dough is not I'll get for our tomato sauce while we are cooling down our cabbage is cut just on the lobules I'll take a fresh one
  • 03:04: parsley and cut and and I will also need large you can even 2 clove of garlic on a frying pan olive You can directly take butter here. do not be shy that it will be sol Lord this sauce and throw garlic first fry a little bit its not tweaking run here a little ruche
  • 03:35: how bright it all is now we need everything it's good for sew while stewing our tomatoes we squeeze something still cabbage do a bag of gauze to me very huge gauze and now we need squeeze it out as much as possible better it seems that she completely dry but moist nevertheless comes out See soon to get fucked you need to be straight on dry squeeze tomatoes We were extinguished and
  • 04:06: now I just take small saucepan strainer and willed all this it's all good projections in fact how much is it maybe below here just merge what then will be be used quality of sauce here such cake from skins and greens left me its our sauce now put on the stove at high temperature a little choice to he was thicker I included
  • 04:42: maximally strong Fire now I'll squeeze a little I'll try on salt if what else do I add and will be ready which you can be smeared then on the bulls on Jacques bush completely you are there by the way her emerged prefigures just water probably half cups are given pour into a saucepan and we will mix we will do this The dough loves the shorter break the egg and add salt and I stir I take pan and put on
  • 05:14: his paper and a little bit now grease with olive I will take butter spread our Dough can now be make neatly round and preferably thin I have an oven warmed up to 220 degrees I will insert there our pizza for about ten extract our mozzarella small funny I'll cut
  • 05:44: such small lobules also take olives I'm certainly well done I I saved olives from bones but you are so do not i will just somehow by perimeter they are neat cropping we'll see under the baked now it's time to add a little krasachik sun and cheese Iran important source window I will add a little bit
  • 06:17: mozzarella market I'll put baked another 5 to 7 sauce pics mozzarella I melted slightly add fresh parsley and turned out here such I'm a simple nurse now I'll try maybe share this paper options somehow on pieces and try Well, let's start our
  • 06:48: pizza and cut myself she is a piece to me get in front of Animus for this mission to hell it's real it looks like a pizza it liter tasty clear I I did not expect thanks to sauce oil we were dumped to them it turned out right to fight the dough itself we Of course not that booze it straight pulling it breaks more so it's more convenient will eat a fork but if you are now sit you want pamper yourself with children and you understand that after
  • 07:18: she will be ransacked by the queen you can do this she seems to me generally simple absolutely harmless so if you prepare a piece be sure sfotkayte and attack and instagram I expect the kitchen went and I necessarily I'll look at the likes subscribe to public facebook and I'll see you in the kitchen