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  • 00:00: want to look it is nice to have strong shiny hair ideal skin and strong and feminine health when there is a cake and this corporate secret our expert girlfriends gynecologist and just beautiful women humane shape nyuk meet if comes beautiful slim woman and tells the girl to eat you immediately know the cake there is no suspicion Whether here cellars you eat
  • 00:30: this cake for nyusha I am absolutely sure of that I can calmly recommend your the cake is practically as a medicine then get ready write down a recipe that we need raisins 350 grams Butter 55 gram buckwheat flour 10 grams I'm on a pit to 100 gram 2 banana mint cocoa powder 30 grams lemon peel lemon peanut juice 150 gram
  • 01:01: cottage cheese 150 grams and honey 70 gram listen but part ingredients of course tasty but then what? combination flax and buckwheat flour it will be delicious here I have it right away doubt therefore let's start cooking I'll be all the time on bid to us need a bowl for me it's still very it is important that he preparing enough quickly while not there will be all kitchen in a flour do you know how you are at shellar and we power we use
  • 01:33: blender attachment of our kitchen machine for in order to mix and crush all ingredients to the right consistency is very simply we will only adjust speed help special handle ok Khan's car cope with everything we ourselves take raisins I must say that raisins certainly desirable soak a bit to remove excess water dry it and here it is ready to process you imagine how many vitamins here you gave add there honey in principle zayavochku we
  • 02:03: did as they say not weak for hair and for the skin and for women's health so I like you both from specialist and ask explain what ingredients for what works well raisin is a fount of all microelements especially potassium calcium magnesium which is included in composition and skin and nervous system and hair not only that you will be beautiful still be calm my cake can eat even my pregnant woman but destroying everything
  • 02:33: very useful saw just creamy cocoa butter powder chocolate will be a little bit chocolate is also hash Hormone of Happiness serotonin and perhaps all this is actually is the foundation of our I'm not very cake yet I can even imagine how it will look at the We must have everything beautiful and face and clothes and cake 1
  • 03:04: notice everything that we mixed he has been around so long And my heart for years I understand that if you will be yourself allow to eat everything in a row as before date the harmony of this it has not been doubly excellent recipe especially for those who participate in our all-Ukrainian
  • 03:34: slimming marathon to fly and adhere to proper nutrition and I'll remind you before summer 36 days left daughter of mother you are stopped cooking pancakes pancakes I I think it is necessary with this do something and here's please help me first and resume house save cook dessert for them so useful for me too and for the husband you mentioned that with of some age became more for food
  • 04:05: number and calories a with what do you know you will find when we young we think that this age is not never will you come always but age when you already starting look at in the mirror finds some wrinkles are not pleasant on the face of each he his without I will torture Now I have peanuts I will torture her peanuts as a doctor I can tell you that from age 35 and c5 you need to start
  • 04:36: think about to prevent premature aging wear our body yes you know I would already ate but there is one ingredient without well, well I can not adore him to be honest this flax flour than she is good it improves the work intestine because if u women are good the intestine works it is immediately reflected in her skin it contains
  • 05:06: a heap of microelements and potassium and magnesium it contains in a large number cellulose and you you know what it is product that most often cholesterol is beautiful it is also phytoestrogen a phytoestrogen is vegetable substance that has an action similar to women's sex hormones so she is so miraculous acts on the skin when you do this outside and when you do it take inside 2
  • 05:36: flour is equally useful I highly recommend it even pregnant women for women buckwheat flour is not gives a set of weight plus it has a lot of zinc iron it promotes growth hair and nail growth that is, want to be beautiful behind the statute buckwheat and what else do I need like that we prepare the cake without baking we do not lose useful substances only tasty because she already so
  • 06:07: useful that as much as believed for myself you know when in childhood tells this is useful you already imagine and they are delicious all carefully shuffle you can see what beauty and actually the first cake I would say a now take the mold mold from the inside of course you need vystelit I already have this parchment I did so at work used to Here to this as the second the skin of May went up to this I myself
  • 06:37: felt as on kitchen and now admission no, we are now all this evaporate wait we moisten our hands by the way good advice because that the dough it can be seen not such as usually yes so sticky up to 100 and let's say so without wet hands we will not be able to do this which you are not tasteless to yourself imagine and now we form these six crochet it is good to moisten a keaton It does not stick to hands on The bottom and sides are also de land, the more
  • 07:08: the side so you more fillings yes we usually sit down and for one sit down for three of them cake, we already there is no such thing as in the family penny thinks of me raising love to slade when exactly so I heard in one from the interview you told me that she was afraid become a doctor I not so much afraid become a doctor how much of harmfulness honestly not wanted to stop doctor because u my dad is a doctor
  • 07:38: mum the doctor and me people were told to get ready you act medical institute and this is you know you've been sentenced the Of course she has me caused resistance and I decided to go enroll in MSU filled cybernetics I invented this that's not a class received and next year I got said well, if you mngu there they transferred examinations come in medical institute do not do
  • 08:08: do the experience you will go and you will be come back to mgu certainly after how I am already entered the I can not med let's go to it's great I for it very much thankful To parents well I already finished the first layer we are ready now we make a filling or second layer to whom as like this again need a miracle car, which means we we will cope quickly and so very useful product is
  • 08:39: nuts and almost any nut sure that he is sufficient high-calorie yes he contains oil but this useful oils for especially for the skin especially for hair especially for nails so do not enter here nuts besides that it's crazy tasty is also very useful, I could not I take the case peanut butter although necessary take any let us have his mouth moveable
  • 09:09: I always banana I say this least vitaminized fruit but in it such a huge quantity microelements and when we talk about
  • 09:39: skin when we talk about hair when we talking about nails is first priority although trace it's enough contains vitamin group b which useful for nervous systems and then it sweet dessert all the same should be sweet curd I have many pregnant women say I need calcium but I I do not want to eat the yard really in this they even cake him and will not notice add mint shredder let's but that you should take the plot that I stand and
  • 10:09: I feel that I'm not not deserved desserts I will stand over head oh what ramalla repos take the lemon peel I while I watch the nuts from ourselves we add lemon peel in general you know cottage cheese with rind of lemon it something weird and juice and a half lemon I'm just so
  • 10:40: I understand that this and now connect with nuts absolutely are now faithful to our We introduce the mass in our nuts are now we mix this up while you're mixing I'm quick cooked on a cup of coffee treat please rooms nicely nescafe classic charge of vivacity
  • 11:11: in the morning while you were cooking braids I mixed our eyelet cream its our mold perfectly straight all counted looked perfect look what a pretty now it's needed send for 2 hours in fridge that's it by the way most heavy preparation of this cake stand 2 hours Well, he almost got you I will have with
  • 11:41: are you ready could not wait for you, wait two hours of analysis on you will find I know that you just wizard decorate these here are the things and therefore at home and therefore you will decorate give me this a plate we are at it then lay out so we shoot I'm delighted with the form from above just now decorate it with grainy cottage cheese he will give and the accent is pleasant and beautifully so relief Well
  • 12:11: remains only decorate fully this cake and try it and right now i I will remind you how we were preparing take the raisins butter or other buckwheat flour banana cocoa curd lemon juice lemon peeled nuts honey and mint chop in a blender raisins honey creamy cocoa butter then add linen buckwheat flour carefully stir with wet hands lay a lot of split form with parchment for fill the filling
  • 12:41: cottage cheese banana ready lemon zest in lemon juice chop the blender Nuts mix with cottage cheese banana mass lay out a lot of in the form level and send to fridge for two hours for congealing ready cake decorate granular cottage cheese in this dessert I absolutely sure and honestly Everyone is struck the ingredient is useful in Overall this is ideal and we will now get used to it cake good news for
  • 13:11: you my dear people brought in advance cooked cake so that you can try out treat yourself the only thing that I wanted on what accentuate attention that before how to cut it so that he does not have floated as a yes ice cream - you need you just wet on two pieces yes about you more here and so and Here it is direct not you will trace and the girlfriend
  • 13:41: deprive dessert unique beauty lari it's a blessing it's easy give eat cake and you think you are well done I'm becoming a cake more beautiful and kinder gently and delicately and
  • 14:14: combination of filling and of this lower layer makes it somehow not at all similar and then means sensation a full-fledged dessert not as it happens oh dessert is so useful I'm a little bit m and here I want to eat and eat the truth is you liked Hello friends liked the video well what do you leave your comments share it with friends and subscribe to our channel first
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