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Pancakes (Pancakes) with Cottage cheese and Strawberry (Pancakes with Strawberry)  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello everybody this channel cook simply Today we will cook pancakes for my prescription is delicious pancakes with soft curd cream and strawberries stay together with me start with eggs to us three middle eggs we will
  • 00:30: whisk froth means there is a the moment I recently encountered such situation called me my girlfriend and says how to do it pancakes, well, I and everything told but she did not do a bit so then look to whip eggs with sugar first whisked alone and eggs without sugar are so good thick foam and then added sugar because if you will look first office and eggs with sugar together this thick The foam will not and will not
  • 01:00: there will be so many boom of large and bubbles in your this is very important point and so whisk first some Eggs look what foam came from eggs are very very thick and it's straight see how now turn of sugar to us need 3 4 tablespoons of sugar it all depends how sweet Pancakes are loved in your home I'm putting just 3 tablespoons are the same whisking means elect quickly literally within 30
  • 01:30: seconds now add salt means salt to us need sex a teaspoonful necessarily salt does not show sugar Be afraid to salt now here we send vanilla vanilla sugar or vanilla essence and be sure nutmeg I add the floor teaspoonful tablespoons of muscatel walnut but this is optional you can even add cinnamon and each nutmeg and very tastily beat it all look what
  • 02:00: thick foam I want so that you can see it very very thick now I'll show you so you see the thicker the foam themes lush and beautiful and Smoother pancakes but it's me so it seems his how much do I cook then such an option is higher all we send here milk and send here flour can be immediately it's better than my flour sift before slander
  • 02:30: I always sift you can not sifted in principle it is possible and not sifted you can not so much waving and oil somewhere around 30 milliliters I happy and all stir to not there were lumps open the corolla you can already clean up We are already have prepared look what dough turns it a thin little girl so that means not be afraid that she liquid and rare and you make sure what
  • 03:00: thin pancakes with us wherein when obtained such a test can be make any pancakes and very-very thin and very very dense also we need a small amount of sunflower oil and silicone such here swaddling to grease the frying pan it is necessary that than you will be turn over and a frying pan means this very important again draw your attention you need to fry on pancakes frying pans on ordinary pancakes are such does not work then should be thick
  • 03:30: see which thick and thick bottom warm it up well well you can immediately grease with oil, I do not pour oil is always here so I grease and see the oil from me here almost no she here and so blurry and everything was warmed up frying pan the temperature needed reduce I fry on fives in me electric stove fry 5 on the number 5 but if you gas you you need to choose an average you know the fire even slightly less
  • 04:00: medium to pancakes you have not burned down now take look how I'm doing I mean we take ladle dough and pour out all frying pan do circle and remainder pour out see how many bubbles are there We were so way of pancakes very thin because you can merge a maximum the dough can be left more dense if you want pancakes wrap
  • 04:30: suppose from cottage cheese or with meat they are very fast prepare to see we will wait for the edge is a little bit picked up roasted mean see as soon as edge by start fry take shovel hand and even can be raised and turn this it turns pancake if you want more fry leave it longer on fire after each pancake frying pan I do not I'm smearing somewhere just about 10 pancakes I grease frying pan it at me then Teflon
  • 05:00: non-stick so nothing especially in test we have oil a lot of secrets cooking in general pancakes I tell on my other videos this video is link to many other pancakes that I'm doing a look what a thin thin slender a so you can go and see match a lot a variety of pancakes you can choose to yourself that you like and even here these pancakes have me there on mine too I have a detailed tell everything secrets
  • 05:30: cooking see which pancakes we got see what they are like beautiful look in hole all in a hole here are those with two they are enough thin are obtained here the second pancake you see if we do thin then get them pieces of 15 if such average as I am today business with me it turned out 13 pieces you can do more denser and you make meat into the meat wrap then ten pieces you have well this the approximate
  • 06:00: proportion now we will cook curd cream to it turned out very gentle as a cream they as a stuffing that thieves need wipe through a sieve I take a small the amount of cottage cheese because a lot of us we do not need you will not we will start only smear and we rub over small sieve look when cottage cheese rubbed what a gentle you see Here such we clear sieve and send all in the bowl for mixers in cottage cheese immediately add a few
  • 06:30: spoons of powdered sugar namely I do with powder because tender results cottage cheese texture start to score here we send sour cream sour cream I I take a 20-percent always take 20% if we take less the percentage is just she will be slightly sourish and remaining sugar powder and well before we are all up to homogeneous mass and now we add
  • 07:03: vanilla and I add a couple of drops of vanilla essences but you can put the usual Vanillin only not vanilla sugar because we used powder stir again and it's ready look what tender it turned out us what is the bottom the cream has turned out now we remove the corolla to us no longer needed look this cream this is how you get this here is the air and tender something you see Here he is we get need strawberries I'll take one today
  • 07:33: kiwi and chocolate it it is necessary to melt when chocolate have melted in principle I'm nothing to chocolate No more adding but you can add some cream of the most fat which you will find or even several there are spoons for example cognac or rum or any know sensei somebody cognac will be also delicious pour it out all in a bag poured into a bag so far, we are setting aside we take a pancake by
  • 08:03: center pancake but I doing so you can of course, the whole his namaz is smeared a cream such here you see not a thin layer that's how I'll do can a thin layer of smear all pancake add pancake to in half and once again fold in half a little bit squeezing in in the middle evenly distribute the cream now it's strawberry time You can serve as in scene with strawberries so
  • 08:33: and I cut the cut off tails and usually I can cut it chop like here you can circles as to whom I like it at all possible use absolutely any fruit in winter it can be some bananas frozen some berries which you prepared for the winter Well, anything but Strawberry when begins simply It is impossible not to do pancakes with strawberries at home I I always use knives samuras as on the shooting I think that you see
  • 09:03: promotional code for purchase such knives for video you can see they offer a discount for all my subscribers survived chocolate envelope which we are with you proposed prepared and cut this one the edge is only strong do not cut a lot otherwise it will be hard flow a lot like this and can be watered The plate can be decorate with chocolate I so do when I serve pancakes on a large
  • 09:33: platter all together very very beautiful and this is your fantasy in this can help children always very very much I'm in my childhood, too loved to do in general look what beauty chocolate can decorate the whole plate so will it be very beautiful when filing me always sprinkled powdered sugar be sure try these pancakes with nutmeg in the test leave after taste very very nice and so I think that you will be satisfied
  • 10:03: very gentle curd cream combination with strawberry it's just incredible thank you for today were with me and thank you that subscribe to my channel to whom liked to put like to subscribe to us in social networks yet till