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Maria Rein. "Здоровые legs - the руками". Lymphatic drainage foot massage for fast removal of hypostases  See details »

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  • 00:00: and the next an exercise which we We will do it Lymphatic Drainage massage that we may go on after preparatory massage antihydropic can be said that massage fits all except the people who very strong varices here we must be
  • 00:30: very neat and here for course in absentia difficult to some recommendation but if you very strong here Of course the grid this is not worth to accomplish this massage we will approach any cream or butter What you choose here and it's just we need to arms better not slipped It was pretty skin you spreadable zone we are now it will work there is from the stone from the ankle to somewhere at length above brass
  • 01:00: we here it's area we need and we and at first just and Butter or cream and we start sew and tendons My captured in a place where it is better It is often seen there it's just above the heel where it switches calf muscles captured from strongly They squeezed him it can be very painful some of it highly very painful but
  • 01:30: nothing tolerant a time much tightened and wait until this is the pain is gone fairly quickly It happens then intercept almost above notes on the called cream for lunch of course not but it is convenient to do so at least act and then try here because to leave dry He lives on the line tendon, we like this pass up to somewhere
  • 02:01: one-third of the lower leg we just dent this one tendon there let into the muscles We thus remove mains voltage that we accumulated in the legs to evening or Basically we usually there have if we do not We are doing this and then we do not start matter which side you go against
  • 02:31: clockwise or clockwise no matter what we begin Now this process area is very often painful Now this zone area gynecology here massage movements made only that's such a circular you start massage arbitrary quite fine but arbitrary motions but you also from the heel to the chase as a top climbs wave squeezed
  • 03:04: this fluid that we have accumulated there Feed for the convenience show the other foot we'll see how it works with the other side and more here the same movement simple tips fingers My pads you that's such a circular movements spun off ankle joint to Allen strong enough pressing you drive do it motion must
  • 03:37: to flick upstairs you ousting liquid and then when you least little prepared the size of the foot, I still Time to Speak preparation because This zone is very often it is not all perfect it suffers so and but for many it is not It will be painful but Yet all the same we will consider most and then grabbing Now in this way and skin fold persecuted her like a
  • 04:09: Hill People here do not very visible captures the skin fold, and that's so is how the first we walk and we have like this in the hands of opposite each other movements traffic flow along the entire circumference shin somewhere will a place where practically nothing captures this because there bone root, where the on the contrary they are not captured because
  • 04:39: that there are too many just piled it there will be some very painful area here so if you hard to capture here so yes pinch try something like this you just have add a skin crease are building and so here below up you can start do not be alarmed if You suddenly appear bruising nothing okay this is just suggests that capillaries begin work properly if nothing really
  • 05:09: strong soreness you there ah at a time not will cope with this so calmly put on other day on the third day the fact is, you just a little bit of little you remove These lymph stuck and that is here Now a movement which probably just it is easily accessible easy to do because
  • 05:39: that here such here the Now they do not capture always work especially on slippery skin and without cream make it very It hurts the 2d here is a way to under knees never both in general and at the same thing we do on second leg just here such same area so we It is taken from the landmark
  • 06:09: ankle and the height of the palm somewhere from here also first smeared Here, too, we first Achilles is Here as well we first we They made Used if it is difficult for in this position if you put the foot on the heel you better It is often seen tendon easiest Used to hold We waited until the pain in
  • 06:41: You almost gone but if she did not It leaves the first Separated from the terrible in two-three approach and then you massaging likewise zone about Achilles from this area under the time of our pelvic floor so and then called pads fingers on the level
  • 07:11: you raise your ankles liquid at the top throws her top good sign udavshegosya lymphatic drainage massage will practically Immediate like it whether therefore we will do everything correctly and accurately and if yes get you grab crease this is now area often painful to here we have in the first place It comes and tendons of fingers in
  • 07:42: Secondly we have there held our kidney and meridians genitals here there too often observed congestion and Now in this way let's chat crease formed it up and so here side by side and one behind Now I have another here I have dispersed them under so deep here folds are no longer get all the there is also
  • 08:12: normal and that's just precisely so we have them both feet on all sides We passed on a circle and at the same time, we ourselves already prepared directly to massage therapist and to exercise with such