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How to make useful pizza. The recipe from Obukhovsk - awaking All to dobra - Release 397 - 26.05.14  See details »

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  • 00:00: do you like pizza reproach yourself for each piece because think that it too rich in calories Today, we have in this convince feast because Igor Obukhov willing to reveal secrets pizza who rightly can be called low-calorie but I until this very but Igor believe in my Visiting hello you will not an hour and I It happens more often in the kitchen certainly shows of exercises but I know that when you in the kitchen talking about useful food absolutely true that As for the pizza that you
  • 00:30: I love pizza there but I love pizza with childhood I remember when Her mother cooked us We watched process and sister the most important thing we prompted the different filling because for us, then it was like can be most different set above and you probably know Remember earlier pizza It was such a yeast and high test I lay on top of a lot sausages sausages Generally, the more the better well, because now things have changed drink all the same
  • 01:00: remains one of most calorie view feeds yes but my pizza it is in addition to that healthy and useful to it also tasty Pizza is not popular at 6 pigs for recrut near Yes and three hundred miles yard kill the target four times more no hamburger and ears more than passion I do not converge to give a benchmark Pizza respect it Liska against Fatherland grass for a long time Greece most pershymy River I went to class and you vegetables
  • 01:31: Cheese is our smile unhurried bread cake of medieval pizza in Europe huddled island you a new folk and Joey and stuffing I have put on himself for hits spoons and live on percentages 19th century one of the Italian Kuharev requested Aspects for pizza Queen Margaret Seems wanna brush arched and win its profile pedals and divided on my not ulyu - Grass Pizza Charles vi Spodobaev and it on has allowed call her to his
  • 02:01: part of the so poor visitor pizza and pretended to have grass worthy Queen just for 1 Euro Obukhov share the recipe pizza and Akane skoda your figure how do you know recipe for a drink I I was in the Netherlands and I went to the cafe she probably was Italian and there pizza made in the oven and The first time I saw it's about this size I immediately thought that there when
  • 02:31: it was tried really delicious and this is about the Well, I ate pizza angry behavior of some producers that Nabal Excuse me sausage cheese and call this pizza in Italy was adopted in accordance with the law which has a pizza cake thickness not more than three millimeters and its diameter and about 35 centimeters, and here I am Now I look at pita that there reason lies We think have pizza We will do well and then the recipe for pita which I will
  • 03:01: is not ready He surprised me had a I pondered that pizza is still calorie but she told me very like so I think how yet to do so not to remove it from the their diet and to come up with a and here I come to thought head a dream that can be make pizza pita bread and pastry without yeast but in It remains thin and so comrades means it turns out Mendeleev saw in dream table relevant chemical elements and Igor Obukhov pizza and saw 8
  • 03:31: today is my try rare case when In my dream, and yah let's start let's help not chopped tomatoes ship takes one medium tomatoes should be cut to 6 equal if there is no no no no here extras ogod We need to cut 6 equal circles and so we Cheese grate but your mega grater find thanks our kitchen machine we we shall rub cheese instantly almost without any effort on our to the right hand size
  • 04:01: but perhaps the cheese is the most high-calorie part of a cheese pizza Of course the most caloric part but we try it putting less I have of course not find such both devices you something you mega fitted kitchen I do everything by hand on Mulder grater on Teresa did not you too it is difficult for you harder an exercise, Of course you're probably sports since childhood
  • 04:32: worked up sports not dealt with childhood and know when my mother was cooking pizza unfortunately extra kilogram only remaining it it happened time when she ill she had to eat only dietary food at the very moment I I tried all sorts of Diet soup boiled meat I know now remember that it I Ed liked yes Of course I can not I understand why but in 16 years old, I started myself prepare yourself various Diet soups
  • 05:02: decoct potatoes myasko a great option When you have matched your taste preferences in order what really you need to eat Well, that will we continue to we spread our pita on a baking sheet if you do not have such baking and with holes you can lay it on ordinary baking just enclose greaseproof paper that trap is not burnt further lubricates 1 teaspoon butter of the sauce you virtually no I slept until the sauce is not
  • 05:32: use because mostly sauce and contain mayonnaise butter but this is how you know very rich in calories in fact, we had already done and more time We have saved instead of just pita to roll out the dough kneading it afterwards roll out and we times and you're done really now we spread pita bread on the ice tomato us need 6 circles but could more tomatoes not very much calorie tomatoes absolutely not 100 grams of nutritive It contains a total of 19
  • 06:02: calories then we sprinkle it beautiful picture basil can slice thinly straws course By the way as much we're talking about calories you known this calorie pizza for the people who do not want any gram to recover it matter of course I was surprised to see you trained I made a list products that contained in this pizza and found calorie you It is written to the charm and a high achiever well done thank you
  • 06:32: and so we it took about 200 grams tomatoes is 39 we kilocalories We used 30 grams basil 100 grams which contains 27 Well if kilocalories divided into 3 A total of 9 calories cheese mozzarella us It only took 100 300 grams of calories As we can see, this is the calorie portion Our pizza pita us It took 150 grams and 100 grams contains 270 calories so We have approximately 400 kilocalories
  • 07:02: Well so do we used olive oil about 10 grams is approximately 90 calories in the end ready pizza turned weight of about 400 gram and calorie 845 kcals ie about 100 grams about 150 kcal and you represent which have calorie slices of pizza in which twice as much cheese sauce still any fat sausage Bacon I do you know if I come in
  • 07:32: some cafes and so it turns out that I We ordered pizza friends we order pizza I have given this recipe weight loss diary you just take napkin and vymakivaem oil that there is here sometimes it accounts soak more than one a napkin and you idea as not helpful such as pizza but This pizza is not the scope of still missing and probably the same and any Spice ladies at the beginning strewing tomatoes basil please you can either have the same teamwork yes exactly exactly shall pepper our vegetables come
  • 08:04: Basically you will suffice cheese it chose not fat so you know give Mozzarella is one of the my favorite cheeses If you look at part of it products It contains a lot of protein which is very useful and also yota vitamins Group b a d e Our pizza is almost Oven ready so we oven set at 180 degrees and our pizza will prepare all Ten minutes like fast
  • 08:34: we will send certainly come, and through Ten minutes later we We see how succeed low-fat Pizza prescription Igor Obukhov for our time with you fly by Today we are ready pizza recipe that our dream of coach Igor Obukhov in 10 minutes oven preheated 180 degrees and there is a fragrance that
  • 09:04: I want it very much pizza took out a so happy like a dream practically meet the same pizza applause because of all x she is but low-calorie while perhaps most fragrant same the most useful so we and cut her try once I recall how we We are preparing this awesome pizza
  • 09:34: for cooking useful low calorie pizza, you will need pita bread and tomato basil mozzarella olive oil and black pepper lavash grease olive oil top bed sliced sliced tomato and sprinkle with basil and finely chopped or grated cheese pepper send oven preheated 180 degrees for ten minutes, well, what is necessary summarize look as a beautiful pizza probably turned we used thin lavash
  • 10:04: low-cal here without yeast tomato dough By the way, you can put not one but even two because they low calorie perfectly saturated basil body It helps with migraines nerve disorders and improve brain function incidentally frequent use basil reduces probability disease common cold Well offer try running with I do behind the plate I think that pizza you need to eat with your hands as I understand it, I do not I am going to eat it Plates Plates Do
  • 10:34: I dismissed on the in case if something then fall out of his mouth I One friend said that it will Feng Shui to take food hands completely right so you know what catch this pizza other people said that she is that low-calorie there is a temptation eat it, even the most Now when this low-cal one two three four look already full but I ate a piece so it's better to eat with friends absolutely right and remember that as in any way and there Still 800 total calories and in one piece
  • 11:05: get somewhere 140 to absolutely true but not as much as in Italy Of course there were better we do better tender and juicy fragrant and tasty Larin is more pizza mass advantages I thank you for what you tell me about it said sleep quietly and let you delicious dream dreams hello new recipe youtube
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