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  • 00:00: Hello to you Katherine and factory today I will experiment on mixing blade different producers here at I have clay fimo and the length of mourning experiment It is not only mixing pancake different producers and another is that here this it is longer than it took a solid we like a softer I am here for life Shelf pancakes came
  • 00:30: and see help Are we more length soft crush the clay and see how result we will eventually will we have the length solid whether crumble and what will behave in land for her to start mean that we immediately is equal parts our Glen Bucur different course
  • 01:07: so wedges will cut into equal you need to read, we will eye take around and shouts here probably Video
  • 01:37: a number of glide take and now mix in this way to mix natural that promyat it manually although it will be difficult long how much she all by itself very soft shaking super amoled immediately not even warmed up and and that demons cuddle almost all so now
  • 02:08: tsarist today these without paper flowers work for such procedures tile experiment convenient because I I will be spinning like pours sticky creating a crumb that there is one white clay
  • 02:42: surrounded by so much brittle cry all heated ruby salad in principle, not boots
  • 03:13: we can combine who helped crumbs all February Now tiles We begin our clay hands to knead I enclose course efforts have but at this stage I can say that my virgin easy Basically apparently for to the fact that soft
  • 03:43: clay with each of that a lot of himself a slice warm up well see how they sometimes mixed we need each other a uniform one color so before able to be like you know what you need close between helping hands warmed rapidly when breeding
  • 04:17: Of course historians can you do make for to knead and beyond by soft grammy scalp color transition It has already begun Lease how many not effect with pearls a pearl
  • 04:48: currently obtained shiny face see how primary so well that I can already tell this stage with brown make-up that we had expired Shelf is already itself is not I began to dry little was such hardish and kneading lived by windows are gradually
  • 05:18: It interferes with the white there are pieces you already you see no mix well We have such a homogeneous weight I think that the mix it will end successfully achieved a soft Winter still thou shalt beat places and 1 with govinda words as possible use for Yes, you can use another
  • 05:48: softer covered you are more fresh or softer ie I also film two species has classic & soft classic long on harder than soft clay weights gently so when it is fresh and and just much that is but added possible to use and general here as if in Kirov here we do not have to online store
  • 06:20: saw that the sine before the torturers also for a loan package the same that is, they liquid it also briefly seen very soft clay that when mixed with other makes it It means that is it and liquid and so take It starred happened the uniform color We have mixed us successful length stir well
  • 06:50: each other and that I wanted to to say that the quality of clay scalpel we dominated not say over as Ljubljana the film is made of clay It became very soft and their properties it kind of reminds Shoot in Calpe ie very gently in his hands here it is straight even fingers sticky but now to complete our experiment as will behave length potions I make such
  • 07:20: leaflet bake it he made of the points I even as a bead and you I will not do because here in this I want to experiment just check how will behave clay various manufacturers with
  • 07:50: mixing each other so in this way I Now I leave it bake so scalp we written March 15 durnuh scheme is written as so We send on average value 20 min bake so well here We baked our leaf and both external signs in Basically, it is not manufactures the impression that
  • 08:20: commanded by mixing changed wicked and quality that is, it well no defects I have not seen 1 clay else melted image which I Human remains bake as a solid strength and tasted like not with full force Of course honest break because cheese products as well, too, such as breaks but how would I put efforts to break the
  • 08:50: if there is not breaks out I concluded that clay fimo and clay and how many possible to mix the more especially as the pancake and how many you ie very soft even as a softener fimo clay for its possible used so never fear experiment good luck and creative victories to meetings