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  • 00:00: So Palatine and the branches I see in yarn nako mohair in this delicate yarn 40 and 60 per cent mohair acrylic length 500 meters 100 grams If you look at recommended
  • 00:30: the size of the list of pen But for the hook here written four possible if you You will knit it a hook can be from it four but I generally I do not trust very much Now it's recommendations on label always I prefer to say pick something that I more like it so This we yarn to knit I'll be on a fork
  • 01:05: distance between needles I have 6 centimeters knit tape I hook with two half despite these recommendations do a bunch of crocheted Room 3 So begin C grade until postpone today at I connected three
  • 01:36: band already here such Here is tippet Chick, and that's what I It is left of one queen ie yarn consumption on forklifts models fishnet minimal here I do not know one another strip You can get exactly be even pay 2 attention that the thread from stores Hanks needed
  • 02:07: get out of the middle uterus that is, to climb fingers get then when you thread Now knit thread free will go well, fluffy It may not be very free but it is better than constantly here wind off so proceed Getting to the usual We make the air loop summing poured thread
  • 02:40: q can hold Now the tail left hand to it was convenient to do first loop try to have this loop It was exactly in the middle Our forks are now turn as in any knitting
  • 03:13: here the most important thing I start to get that's exactly the center knit a column without nakida here I something it happened we continue to knit
  • 03:43: strip center and columns without sc To do this, stole we need to link tape length 800 turns one turn is here Fork rotation 180 degrees rotation of one forming a loop ie, 800 rotations in We will have 800 loops but 400 of them will be on the one spoke and 400
  • 04:14: and the other of 400 and 400 something turns 800 knitting I loops do not think when it is connected adequate the number I just I hang here with marker one side of the tape I hang through markers 50 loops that is for tapes and that long This in general is OK if you difficult by thousands and by
  • 04:44: cann't hang more often or if that tape is shorter in general is a matter of taste here at shooting knitting you may plug You hear sometimes knock that's how it knocks Velka I floor pillars on I
  • 05:15: knit knit knit like I said I recommend knit here for such long short forks certainly more convenient but in the process of knitting on the other hand on long you can link long ribbon that is that's 800 loops here placed completely free you can link to 1000
  • 05:45: can be even 1200 then there is no removal of both shoot, I will show if you have a short but get better just good tool So I tied some the number of loops now you can hang markers take the marker
  • 06:15: for such a large of things better to determine where you where the first loop But if the second we will see carefully start Knitting ie avi, that this is now my The first loop is 2 znach marker need hanging here on this I believe these side I think five loops
  • 06:45: but because they general visual can not be considered as well Eye Eye consider two or three times 4 5 6 8 9 10's this is my 50 petelechka I weigh it and Marker now I know
  • 07:16: But if that look at that I let the whole look loop 50 corresponding e it will be here a little below I have 6 and here here are 5 that is here if it was the end of the knitting I would have associate one more thing this petelechku finish knitting me
  • 07:47: It would have to be like this Now I amount would smoothly and here at I have 6 loops and take But on a loop, as it were below the six loops means just that palanquin 800 revolutions but it is believed turnover is usually consider here consider
  • 08:17: half-turn turn the have on each spoke It should be 400 loops and order here Here markers such at I will be 7 and the final stretch of 50 Besides, you can not market hang and so knit 800 revolutions