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Knitting by a hook. A volume flower 1 - Volume flower  See details »

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  • 00:00: surgeons high volume flower It begins this floret chain places out stitches closed ring and with sliding hinges what it is we do bar years doing layout
  • 00:31: column, without sc and knit the first row 3 11 air loop, and columns 1 nakida 3 Air is in the loop We as a lifting loop the first table and who's knit with 11 columns one sc we close this series in ring eight nine 1011 And we close this series
  • 01:10: connection column we first row ready Now we take here the tail and pull pulling hole Here is such a we turned neat the first row of holes no center in the second row we were binding
  • 01:43: through a column arches arches each have 5 stitches and Stamp six arochek 1 4 5 back down one bar and here in column knit 1 35 column skip
  • 02:16: two three four five column skip Now we have 3 lever bound latest and connective column 1 column without nakida here we first row have Now on each arochki we were binding 1 column, without sc 1
  • 02:46: polustolbik with sc 2 columns with one sc again with polustolbik sc column, without sc this is we will have 1 lepestochek our flower and knit all others petals column with polustolbik
  • 03:18: sc with 2 column one sc polustolbik with sc and a column without sc due to such uneven poster we formed petals as we knit their 6 here we have the first row petals for to flower It obtains the volume well, the second row here these
  • 03:49: arches have attach here bowler in place to We were not here lumen so here the first column here So fresh so by more than 7 7 stitches so here again Grab this column without sc These couples are like
  • 04:29: I am on the wrong side of the face they hardly seen and last but Now we do the same here connective column and start fasten couple then last row we petals 2 is a polustolbika sc with 2 column one sc column with two and three sc aerial loops and that was the tip I proceed as down means
  • 05:01: 2 with the knit polustolbika sc with 2 column one sc 1 column two 3 air nakida loop back to the bar two sc. We went down Now with two columns a 2 sc
  • 05:32: polustolbika with sc and bar without such a sc from there. here it turns the volume and tally all others petals
  • 06:02: and yet another I turned then show the finished result almost 2 polustolbika with sc with 2 column one sc column two sc 3 aerial loops do not pieces of petals
  • 06:32: again with two column sc with 2 column one sc almost to a sc as if the you know it is our column a match was
  • 07:02: as a result of a number of petals here can in this mother to combine two or even three color thuja the middle of a single color this is the first series 2 petals and of extreme point 3g it all depends on your fantasy