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  • 00:05: Another one sobem Komi here with Mo and giorno for this Lee always very beautiful model and but very bad scheme so I'll show you how to knit this shawl shawl are very beautiful
  • 00:30: fit of the bulk nitochek turns very cute starting with design a ring of air the loop is 56 so you can dial the scheme never shown 6 closable shall find it in the ring connection column knit 3 aerial loop 3
  • 01:04: column one sc this we will first columns 2 group aerial loops and such groups of 4 columns with one nakida we need tie 4 in 1 group 3 column because loop we lift corresponds to one 2 with the column of nakida
  • 01:34: air Pregel and the last group of 4 columns
  • 02:13: we have the first row is ready What's next then knit 3 loops lift and two groups of 4 columns with nakida 2
  • 02:30: Air knit loop 4 one column sc shown in Scheme like as polustolbiki with sc actually it's all the same columns with sc's how I said circuit not very correct in this journal This shawl is knitted with
  • 03:00: the lower corner gradually the canvas It is expanding in Generally, it is convenient to so second row we It is like a preparatory two columns with sc in column last column here this group May 2 column with sc column first bar following groups two columns with
  • 03:31: sc and here we It is here such here standard platter two groups of 4 columns with nakida 2 air loop is there is a beginning and an end series ever same here We came so to speak prepared basic knitting pattern also we do here such a Gadget
  • 04:04: completely standard that is It is equally empty Contact us now! go here is on we are already here in this series have 2 air hinges column with a sc the first chain and we will continue knit flower of lush columns Makes 2 aircraft
  • 04:31: loop and a column first rung and here Now we will vyvyazyvayut four petals 4 volume column to be four-leaf our flower straight Now starting from this column
  • 05:04: but do not hold out we fix our column for then to all petals, we had to seredinke here There is one trick If we start knit immediately from here we need lush bar is have pull thread we will have ugly broaching so you need to start with sc
  • 05:39: also extend a loop and leave it Such are not to knitted lush columns and We start with sc next lepestochek the next column knit
  • 06:05: Now we extend our three loops on the hook and we all together So we associate joined them petals tie another air loop to had it all more reliable fixed and hence fresh 4 lepestochek Now the center that is
  • 06:33: to have flowered We have a common center there was nothing cunning and no bar one under the sc air loop here such here we have 4 petals it turned out differently
  • 07:00: the beginning and the end of the row so the same I now bind them and when I come already I will continue to point to tied twist the is the standard the edge further 2 aircraft loop here air hinges column 2 the air loop here one more column further 2 aircraft
  • 07:30: loop knit 5 petals here as better to start with sc to make it neater 2 air loop and the last six lepestochek same magnificent
  • 08:06: finishing number 2 air hinges column Now here we do to secure the shape Our flower 2 stitches
  • 08:34: column and the edge that is, here's one flowered already have ready to the next row we will have to knit Two flower on runoff they go after staggered you there is shown top Now I will go before place and I will continue
  • 09:02: bound edge and the first column Now as we 1 knitted flower Makes 2 that is, we are now knit 4 petals fasten with sc starting at column
  • 09:39: when knit flowers do not rush because when you need to to hold everything we have here on the hook there is to flowers turned more careful
  • 10:04: provyazyvayu all together here will also air loop and 4 lepestochek I see from the center on post with nakida here at this
  • 10:33: previous flower 2 air loop and column for this here petals and just knit here four petals Well, in general, the more already knitting repeated more bind and several rows I show what happened
  • 11:01: there you are When it connected for 3 or until florets in Generally it is clearly visible already that the shawl gets triangular shape basically it is recommended to knit This pattern Chicago of not very thick not so fluffy have the heat Chiron slides so that spied snowflake and lovely