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  • 00:00: Good day dear Gardeners with you I am glad Tatiana all welcome on your channel fruitful garden today's video I I want to talk about how to make a strawberry maximum yield at the same time how to deal pests without chemicals and than feed Kallu grandson for to get over after the red giving birth you see how I profusely blooming I want a strawberry
  • 00:30: share their secrets that I I achieve Now note a and plentiful single bloom no pest black bud you You find my strawberry Now note the idea of two kinds of I planted peremeshku this is my Lord and Cardinal see how bees work pollinate flowers somewhere already ovary small somewhere here
  • 01:00: flowers here from every flower then it It will be strewn all strawberry is strawberry was planted before last spring such small mustache last spring she gave already here such the beautiful bountiful harvest was the same violent flowering as now you can see in this the same year I I observe abundant I want you to bloom how to tell
  • 01:30: make beautiful crop without applying no chemistry and basically all very simply and easily strawberries as I He told me planted on such here edged beds track me all you planted This clover-leaf clover I use both mulch here please now once it But about the departed that is mutated it is also so I tell I will say one of the pledge
  • 02:00: important components nice harvest This mulch is It is organic that does not give thrive weeds and at the same time it id great nourishes the skin scientifically it It called the garden strawberries but I it I called love I just long Strawberry I somehow it Name closer I consider two
  • 02:30: components main factors a good harvest this pest control and power at the base these beds before last spring when they were laid then here these beds It was founded green grass that is made so warm bed that works on over several years here does that mean no manure By the way here from me about manure
  • 03:00: repeatedly asked Whether subscribers can for strawberries I lay Knowles answer is that in no the case of fresh manure do not overfill under strawberries it will just be you It means the mass of weeds and a heap of any fungal diseases such as the gray mold and berries and you do not really try and a little the fact that it is still Fresh manure is peddler all kinds of helminths and other
  • 03:30: misunderstood it means parasites many of the children here at at least from my and dreams in the night and grandchildren they are right in the bush I enjoy eating fresh I berry processing Chemistry and laying on the hair I basically calm when they fit and straight with bush is not Yaga helped no I achieve it then there is one such a simple means means at I have in the arsenal is
  • 04:02: Now note ammonia Now normally that available in pharmacies by a bottle of 40 ml what am I doing here this ammonia alcohol as a spring Only then here It appears fresh new foliage I breed for 10 liters Water here is a bottle ammonia and I shed completely all my
  • 04:33: strawberries that I do give it fine food the nitric remarkable dressing and plus to around it remarkable remedy for almost all pests strawberry is the I feel terrible this pest larvae May beetle which can simply Now we have The real roots this wonderful culture and can left without any
  • 05:04: the club and just those who lovers pledge manure strawberry the beds here are very often waiting here such that's how they say it's possible fate Now add this May beetle larvae they live in the land of three year until until neocube persons and here for three years living while the land they eat eat all that comes kill along the way, including even tree roots
  • 05:35: not to eat the I have about such delicate roots like this strawberries and here ammonia is just here remarkable remedy those larvae trust me enough twice took up season once spring and for the second time somewhere here after fruiting and you get rid a bed of strawberry such malicious pest plus the spring when here comes processing ammonia
  • 06:05: it also benefits from which weevil But if that's you know Here's the eats tender buds and It obtained simply empty shell that is not no ovaries but please attention to you too if you do not see Flower is now envy, and that's bees here they are all sorts here small wasp some bees here you are welcome now engaged Pollination is the bed I've been in their beauty reminds remembering replaces any flower bed because
  • 06:35: What is abundant bloom is just my jewelry vegetable garden but to Now get this just helps me Here is a simple means ammonia alcohol that is, I once shed before flowering now my strawberries bud and I'm somewhere a week after as it blooms, I again well under root ammonia spill alcohol but none bottle and two entirely three tablespoons per
  • 07:07: 10 liters of water and wet ground I necessarily spill again ammonia alcohol it will be the same as the prevention means too, pests and at the same time as the remarkable nitric fertilizer plus my tea here it is underlies This clover is I have between tracks Now I have it is here and even then under green feed fertilizer which
  • 07:37: I'll tell you how it cook in one of the following go there It was also very much questions like this simple means I wanted my with you share today like one that's wonderful means such as a like ammonia ammonia which sold in any pharmacy can be protected strawberries all favorite berry from many practical all pests and at the same time that
  • 08:08: is an remarkable dressing but that's a wonderful berries so that all I recommend to all I advise and you all will here it is abundant flowering and the same a wonderful harvest with this little gryadochki that's fair words can say buckets that collect strawberries at such here are abundant bloom's pay once again the attention of both Bow bangs work is there is yet bloom yet I work bangs I do not treat
  • 08:39: no field ie before flowering and after flowering here note yet time will show just idyll watch such a picture of you see how work insects and how they like at least one more time Here show you later watch so here I decided today to you share because lot was questions from my
  • 09:09: remarkable subscribers to all no time show not decided better now I will show is not yet later, many overcomes this one malicious pest like my larvae in May chafer beetle and now decided to share with you buy ammonia alcohol it is not expensive and believe you will Here it is the same remarkable Strawberries like my vegetable garden If you like my tips today put my video huskies and
  • 09:40: subscribe to my channel fruitful garden with you was Tatiana all in all good all great rich harvests all bye Bye