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  • 00:00: Hello this Video I want you to show how things are done cable loops set SRAs knit knitting it's easy to this requires dial to make the first loop has we do horns barrow of index and thumb we catch the thread and two tip we stifle
  • 00:30: pinky and ring and middle finger continue taking one needle can be dialed with two already here wishes and picks up the bottom thread then we picks up the thread
  • 01:01: by pointing fingers and hands her in the loop to thumb free more finger here we the first loop formed first You can also loop do any convenient way for you below this, we spoke transfer to the left hand take the view we It will now be left We take our sleep thread
  • 01:32: long end of which It goes to a hundred and barrel dress on forefinger take the left hand the second needle if you dial directly such as the two spokes can be used hook-and-paste we right needle in our the first loop
  • 02:03: and grab a thread and is threaded into the loop here we Get it now two We put on this loop loop on the left but close to each needle never let another further our right we direct needle between these two January 2
  • 02:35: loop so we as if between them our threaded needle grab the thread and is passed then resulting eyelet dress on left needle further is passed again between the first needle 1 and
  • 03:07: 2 loop again grab thread and threading it between the two eyelets and again dress to the left needle again insert between 1 and needle 2 loop so we recruit our loops
  • 03:40: eventually we it turns out that's a now we have the edge shall find more telly that was can be more clearly use the hook powerful spokes now just over
  • 04:11: the camera is not very convenient display and gain this method is very convenient when typing large number of loops to avoid slip up a tip us leave it that is, it is very often the
  • 04:42: that puts a a lot of thread then cut a pity or vice versa is very little falls dissolve and yet you Again loop gain this is usually several times so to have certain here we immediately leaving the tip the little that we we do not need that that was pathetic
  • 05:13: convenient to refill and this is what we eventually It is obtained as provyazyvaetsya this the case of the first row the first series we are right front that is, we shoot an edge loop extreme and then we we continue to knit face such simply loops each loop provyazyvaem front
  • 05:45: patterns can here provyazyvatsya immediately with a number that is personal they need to provyazyvat the first purl there can immediately start with a pattern and edge so that's the whole thing about look
  • 06:15: Here you can see the we are like two strings in every turn at the edge that is here one thread and here it is 2 and such a interesting set hinges still have I hope my video
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