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  • 00:00: good afternoon today's the master class will be is dedicated to how to put a secret snake chiffon dress with lining will be inserted the snake is in it dress I processed my own the dress itself chiffon lining called hurray gr or chiffon same cards in
  • 00:32: transparent and chiffon lining meetings prepared snake secret 50 centimeters and back chela from the neck to the entire length of the backrests to the very bottom and properly steered away remember that chiffon fruit on edinichki I broke it off with porn now we will snake pin for sewing
  • 01:05: sewing as I do not have paws for suturing snake I will enjoy an ordinary paw which goes standard in a typewriter foot a snake will be to sew only to dress take zmeechku put her runner on fabric I open I begin
  • 01:37: pin pins bending little snake bend me so we bend so all the snake I chained completely the whole T-shirt now we will put under
  • 02:08: paw and be sure that the needle was this groove was start scribbling a little pulling bottom fabric we move the groove to the groove
  • 02:38: hit like a needle can be closer to dare lines than this foot is good that they and the big surface and when the snake is bent
  • 03:08: then a finger pushed and and under snake she's cracking down I have reached the end snakes do bracing with us happened
  • 03:41: such snake sewn on the one hand most all the same we do with the second hand but we do it with ourselves special lines to learn by which are We must be the same in me on the belt detachable waistline I I will not hook and intersection and
  • 04:12: here an incision did I find out that against another should be here I have a waist Snake then will not be skewed I chained pins second half snakes and since my first and second when sewn on top down to the slider
  • 04:43: to an open slider now we will sew from the open runner up put the neck I lived a barrel of a needle fixed better needles to take out because the fabric
  • 05:14: can be collected under I have an incision in my the same as possible closer Than the vein of a barrel and mandatory see to snake the snake was bent sewn up
  • 05:44: from betting on a train coincides now we will to sew a skirt up the end I looked for him with pins along the entire length of the skirt when they reached the snake here is the snake here behold
  • 06:14: ends here at us the catch is I pushed and she stabbed it all coincide so that neatly was but here again one did a pin to make she clearly had everything we carefully scribble we will be on the bottom of the hem before the snake here I reached already before the snake we will stretch all the last pin
  • 06:50: longing pin that holds the snake we leave made for a cage went a bit on snake slightly quite a bit at one stitch proceed to
  • 07:26: sewing linings since the scrotum to us until it is needed we lining will be sew manually I I use these Needles and their simple I adore because needle do not drive a bun and the thread snaps into place not pebbles we wind how much
  • 07:57: we need since I have the lining repeats completely dress then It is necessary to combine all shy first pins and then we will then be manually I specifically made seams to the body because the fabric is very
  • 08:30: transparent basic fabric and very transparent and all seams which they will be are visible because of this it will be ugly that I made them to the body with apples under the kladochku reached the end of the snake at the end snakes because the horseshoe must be pinned hemmed in lower than big then snake than The snake is sewn to
  • 09:01: basic dress i decided that on this distance I will be sewn on lining from here here two identical pins in one I'll turn out a distance dress inside out bent the Tories rather even it does not turn out inside out and do a line must be stitched will be inside the dress we will scribble from
  • 09:31: this pin and to the bottom so I asked and ironed it turned out Here is such a seam now we will be secret seam from here from the neck hidden stitches where everything well squand for I opened the snake since I pin pins
  • 10:01: they come to me on the front should be do everything very carefully do not hook the top the cloth middle tutochki hooked
  • 10:35: we are these these bugs we go to the very end on the one hand, not wheelbarrow hooked snake with another the parties hooked
  • 11:05: fabric five snake rink and so gradually yes the snake itself addicted porno now i am turned on his face let's see what turned out on the front side turned out all on the facial side all coincides with a good snake functions opened the lining everything is neat here
  • 11:35: thank you very much what was my Master Class if you liked put your finger up until new meetings