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  • 00:00: rachy step used very often for a girl chrome chic And now here is a very Appliances fashionable friform and here of course else step is where Now we can take a walk look at my little boats where rachy step here a little elements here and girl, all I've got is rachim step here rachy step
  • 00:30: Here's how it nicely laid out in the free for me and today we are with you associate here such scalloped edge rachy step Now I am all disband and we are with you We will learn it knit to start knitting rachy step that is, we were binding on the left
  • 01:00: We will go to the right as cancer goes back to first we advance you must associate my dear one for lifting means if without a regular column sc fit on by exactly two times and also fit the column we just go not on the left side to the right and on the right we go from left to right
  • 01:30: vozdushki lifting Now we go here this loop I show slowly gone hooked working thread dragged on hooked us two loops grab working thread and We pulled through the two loops all one column have bound go to the next column here we
  • 02:01: The following loop we she go grab working thread we have the top We picked up working thread and two loops pulled out we are knit I have two columns the hook is aimed at We picked himself We picked up working We have already knit thread
  • 02:31: you three columns in order to cloves obtained those of old and were completely smooth and uniform workers main the condition of the working thread has always been freedom to be able to never it is impossible to pull go on February 1 if it happened you knit, and all of a sudden
  • 03:02: somewhere some extra thread here we We hooked up and you do not have It does not come out normally to dissolve it all knit again on January 2, and so on until end rent 2 Here I am even a little bit canvas here and so hands on me I stretch but these fingers Bolt ready now it is necessary to knit to the end
  • 03:34: the main condition for more I repeat very free working a thread So Now that we it turns out you can see some cloves ostrenkie all rovnenkie Well Thank you for attention wish you luck