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  • 00:00: and my channel Anchor Cream want his orders and the composition and start here a cream and will be with
  • 00:35: you cook today see what it beautiful what it thick and to taste it recalls fake ice cream This cream can be smear on cakes to add a career in the basket in general add confectionery begin to prepare our ny cream sundae take the start in pot which would add cream and our and do not pour a little milk [music]
  • 01:08: Now in milk Add the flour and starch and all stir well [music] [music] [music] [music]
  • 01:47: here and there adds sugar and again all stir [music] [music] add vanilla extract or vanilla the essence of all well
  • 02:20: stir to avoid there were no lumps Now add remaining milk send our pot on the fire and cook until cream thickens well, here is our Plan the correct cream already
  • 02:54: Swar look What it is thick here this should get a plan poor cream it it smells good taste of what it was delicious funky cream just get [music] [music] We cover with our cream plenochkoj and give him cool plenochka should
  • 03:24: touching cream surface that was not going to can dance art When the cream is almost cool whip cream [music] [music] Our whipped cream here's a look at this should not be density and now We will add oil
  • 03:54: and cream in cream do not forget that the oil should be at room temperature and add all will its parts to our oil well mixed up our cream and also later add cream [music]
  • 04:25: [music] now also gradually add cream and all well mix [music] [music]
  • 05:05: but our plan is poor cream and ready to see which he turned and get a very delicious cakes eclairs all confectionery the name of the cream He speaks for itself ice cream because nai it reminds of taste of ice cream on and frosty Well dear friends
  • 05:36: and all I'm with you I say goodbye and see and scare and everything put huskies and subscribe to my channel and in future videos we you collect the cake [music] [applause] [music]