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  • 00:00: Hello my good and today I I show you Malaysian rose this we need Traffic white cream Here is such a cone plump that we will do with you first cream cone on our tail cone do it Strike while it's such a flat I take further nozzle direct this mug nozzle 104 with connector 1
  • 00:32: and 4 Metro article on straight and then we creating a sort of form cabbage from the rest ie fork I almost laid my attachment if earlier we kept it that way now we play practical and horizontally like this in relation to our So keep the cloves our first petals like this I stack
  • 01:02: closes midway I hope that you clearly seen that Now I seredinku thus creating as if here it is closed and then another several petals of the same the very technique that is I almost tip it is here so here's how I
  • 01:32: I am petals stacked one on other Well, that's still here like that again we just repeat create this kind of cabbage fork I take on the nozzle direct more pink It has a large connector two centimeters in Some do not have it somewhere in my 125 for
  • 02:02: number but some nozzles so there is no room just from here to here 2 centimeters and accurately also continue do our rosettes ie almost Now I start here laid back petals keep tip here so that there is not here because earlier but so , expand its laying do petals and so little if only a little in at plus 1 on the other you are here
  • 02:32: I begin here He did little more slightly overlapping do next lepestochek nozzle We conduct from here We begin and here laid directly lines, so to speak when I deploy I thought that you barely overlaps in and so here I am packing Again it was a little bit plus and the next lepestochek
  • 03:02: practical here in practice they lie is such a rosette I get to wear it It can be clearly seen here you see the petals they are a little bit overlap and attachment I I kept like this for toward my cloves and more quite simply one We round out the revolution Our simple rosettes one strip
  • 03:32: Werth carefully all our Malaysian Rose ready they differ they are not strong large Mutu me three cloves half centimeter Here is such a rosette I received half centimeter then we just simply take our pastry scissors and remove it from the stud laid then on the cake so As we need to all
  • 04:02: This concludes our lesson is over all the best try girls