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How to punch a well the hands! (And to make for this purpose a design)  See details »



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  • 00:00: in connection with the military in the east Ukraine private shutdown of drinking water electricity any problems well how can we decide on this time problem water will be looking for her old-fashioned way to help aluminum frames and beforehand cooked tubes chery
  • 00:31: Mama Here's how you can see here perhaps have water try on
  • 01:02: Crossing is not married you wind up a bit stirs our frame well, let's say here there is a water well, so we not profitable here do decline so I try find water and it
  • 01:32: safely Mama Monino We outline this place pens
  • 02:02: not just for intersection sell as you can see in the same converged spot therefore likely
  • 02:32: this is the place for pierce our skin We do one of the nodes for your design This nu-metal, he dug up 75 dragged him cut 15 centimeters now we have to time to rejoice a triangle we mark if someone was in
  • 03:28: the bad thing is our school angle is 30 degrees for so that later when assemble our son LV and here on degrees Who is this little thing we
  • 04:01: Now we should be is sealed at the course We do a loop cry drill hole
  • 04:43: clouds. the size of our length ready for opening Ideally need once we turn the They cut a little and now mark up our part and drill
  • 05:20: hole for to strengthen our at the foot of and because after all, twig 16 pipe have 50
  • 05:52: proceeding from such calculation We distinguish three practice on a piece of eight of centimeters and then personal we shall cut lip We express thread on we cut the threads
  • 06:36: inserted plump so that when tightening our stud nuts not we rotate them weld together complicate our construction to trumpet our not bend the pin since the tube stands sloped here stop talking and to the other side is not twisted two small
  • 07:06: braid brute mode in general, so we do tank with your hands attacked by scrap metal, like usually pulley aluminum part old shed
  • 07:38: and rotating or metal but also if or seen it wheelbarrows it seems before the market on these were taken in general, like this We rounded it now homemade fact here
  • 08:09: you have a tank heard rotates good without but our bearings node in general, all that the same metals purchased Three pipes under our tripod drill hole We collect this
  • 08:39: here are our details here's our setup Now we will to engage with the cleaning but later installing so in total sold balemu well reached
  • 09:09: to water we apologize that did not take off like I long the process in assembly not shown here Now you can see our construction since It has long been electricity camera nothing was in charge general so tell as jester here we have a gas bottomless cylinder as the most It suited us diameter of the pipe we bottom cleaned slaughtered
  • 09:43: here clove better Bella but in fact we not just beat leveled gel and a widget tube brush she stuck good water reached you encounter issue came up he air valve and descends through vacuum hold 0's but then the valve It ceased to be effective flow Water was great and squeezed our
  • 10:13: clay but even this did Thing that whichever done We spoke to lock for which fixed ruins tube pipe is not It took nothing Clay climbs without problems continued a gouge in result, we there wells really do not know like flow is too small water
  • 10:43: will slowly smile more Now our well It was broken on the basis of our pipes as the pipe external diameter diameter we have 250 but more suitable We found nothing cooler gas ball length overall corpse to 9 meters us and not enough since difficult to have than sleeping