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How to make pass the burner on a tree the hands \/ How to make a mini pyrography tool

How to make pass the burner on a tree the hands \/ How to make a mini pyrography tool  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hi my dear friends! By popular request in today's video I'll show how to make a mini pyrography tool by yourself Well, in order to make a mini pyrography tool we need a solderer unnecessary power supply from mobile phone or from a charging supply for a screwdriver It's better that you choose as powerful power supply as possible Personally, I found an odd power supply from iPhone for 5,1 volt and 2 amperes I think that is quite good
  • 00:33: We also will need a barbecue skewer, two needles one from the syringe and another one could be a sewing one We also need threads, flux and a solder Firstly we have to bite off this nose from the syringe needle as we won't use it anymore You can do this with the help of round pliers or nippers Next thing to do is to attach barbecue skewers to these two needles with the help of threads This should be done in such a way that they situate parallel to each other
  • 01:05: Now we have to bend an end of a sewing needle in such way that the spike should slightly touch the end of the syringe needle Then we have to solder the wires of the power supply to the needles
  • 01:51: In this case polarity doesn't matter Apply some flux and start to tin We should solder the first wire and then the second one
  • 02:23: Then attach the wires properly to the barbecue skewer with the help of threads as well Cut off an odd end of the wooden skewer And we can say that our pyrography tool is almost ready
  • 02:59: To make it more safe I'll soak the threads with super glue and then put on a heat shrink pipe Well, guys, now I can say with certainty that our mini pyrography tool is totally ready
  • 03:52: It works very easily The syringe needle starts heating due to a high resistance The syringe needle heats because it is thin-walled one So now let's test our hand made mini pyrography tool Plug a power supply into a socket and wow! Guys, the needle has already turned red Despite of the fact that the power supply has only 2 amperes and 5,1 volt I think that's a great result
  • 04:23: As you might have assured yourselves a hand made mini pyrography tool made of hand-shifts and being of a small size shows just a perfect result It is quite possible to make a through hole with it in a wooden rail up to 1 cm in thickness Well guys, today's video has come to an end. I hope you enjoyed it and you won't forget to press thumb up Also, guys, don't forget to leave comments with your ideas of things you'd like me to show in the next video Now I have the most important news – the site of mine has been launched
  • 04:58: I invite you to visit it You also may sign up, there you will find new posts every day Thank you for your attention, have a nice day! Bye-bye! Do you know? In 1850 English had founded special needle lathes which enabled to make the eye we used to in a needle