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assembly of cake with a souffle, slivochno cottage cheese with oranges  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello and greetings to all today I decided show you the assembly cake but not with cream a souffle in the middle for I will need this cream which we now with you we 'll take also in the souffle I decided put cottage cheese but uneasy cottage cheese I usually go for basic recipe a cottage already is fruity because Today I will collect cake chocolate and I decided such a little bit
  • 00:30: exotic make direction will oranges and cottage cheese I, too, smarag about passion fruit peach it seems so to me asked to show more about cream so we knocked in first turn now with you cream cream I do not add anything it's pure cream of 30 teas percentage of fat content and
  • 02:59: so the cream we whipped
  • 04:21: they are very dense cream should be be sure chilled out refrigerator and I set aside then I take my cottage cheese and adding to his sugar he is already sweet it must take into account but since the cream we are not sweet then to us
  • 04:51: need to put here sugar recipe i will give this video is full because today I doing little cake and naturally recipe from me a little portion reduced therefore not turn to it Attention curd we
  • 05:41: mix literally to dissolve sugar next I take gelatin which I have already dissolved gelatin I dissolved as y me today cake with oranges, I wrung out the orange juice and preferably straightened out orange juice for in order to give more cake saturated orange flavor and now I enter into my cottage quietly gelatin
  • 06:12: everything is ready I
  • 06:46: I set aside mixer I take cream and neatly mix these two mixtures that is I pour out my cottage cheese cream and need neatly all to stir thoroughly we are all good
  • 07:35: I now I take my form below I lined her up paper for baking here I already have the lower tart is ready and I put it there oranges soaked it's also a little bit orange juice I survived the juice myself so below you here you see the flesh lies also on the cake we spoke with you about files Here it is just that most here they are high titanium centimeter in 12 maybe 15 I'm exactly
  • 08:05: did not measure this file I insert on circle of form and then I begin to collect my cake since I have three shortbread then accordingly I divide its soufflé for two parts and start it spread out so that we are about evenly distribute something to under each biscuit was the same quantities of soufflé in each layer and next blade I
  • 08:37: simply distributing its a bit you can lay out and make two biscuits and lay out simply in the middle of the figure is already someone wants to but I wanted to do it today this is how I cake cooking for home drinking tea here to me wanted orange directions try it today so I decided here so today everything next I take following skin and
  • 09:07: just on top spread it a little bit crushed next I take my Orange juice freshly squeezed and a little bit permeated then spread oranges are not I impregnate because we are still oranges
  • 09:37: will give that he was not strong wet and then the remainder of the souffle we spread from above sorry for the crib
  • 10:14: bear a hand Now Vanka distribute our slap on the cake now I'm taking the top
  • 10:45: biscuit and also a little bit I impregnate it from inside with juice how I impregnate I already have a picture for you showed in general that this is not news for you one can take and specialty you can loosen up here so-here a spoon my cake is small today here I already have a fork wiped 3 and I just
  • 11:15: I put it on top all slightly pressed and now our cake sent to refrigerator I usually I do this in the evening there are picking cake in the evening and put on his night in refrigerator all here such a height oh I apologize like this height it turned out
  • 11:45: us just this friend under this here this file which is well where then centimeters 15 per my cake is will be in the general complexities on this our assembly is finished all good luck and a pleasant tea party