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  • 00:00: all greetings from you Anja and today we prepare marshmallow these are the white light air pastilles you so I asked cook comments usually these streaks decorated with coffee and cocoa or hot chocolate as well top cakes in all kinds of I like desserts like a marshmallow on fries on a picnic open fire on fire they acquire such most delicious crust inside are soft and stringy write to
  • 00:30: comments you like them have not It will be very interesting View Well let's start start with cooking Both the syrup and syrup here in any way if you have maple syrup or corn syrup then use it I have also no therefore prepare invert syrup He prepares very easily and for this we It requires 1 pinch soda 175 grams of sugar or eight half tablespoons a pinch of citric
  • 01:01: acid and 75 grams boiled water [music] fill with sugar water and add a pinch citric acid [music] We put it all on small fire saucepan with a thick bottom once the water Cover boils close lid and We set the timer about 40 45 minutes take off the cover it is not necessary under the hood Syrup is to be slowly languishing check a drop of syrup
  • 01:31: ductility droplet should stretch in thin thread here one can see that syrup is not yet ready and here we see a thread then we have achieved the right consistency turn off the heat and add a pinch soda mix up the moment has not yet cease to leave Bubbles is a reaction soda with citric acid as soon as the syrup cool it thickens and is stringy like I honey in it We stayed a little bubbles it is not scary if the term
  • 02:01: will be used not just the better it pour into a jar and close and is now ready marshmallow take quick-dissolving gelatin jump 25 grams fill it with paper milliliters of water boiled and room I was angry with temperature directly into container where I'll be whipping churn marshmallow Measure out 400 grams about 160 sugar grams of syrup
  • 02:34: you prepared in advance add 100 10 milliliters of water and mix up dissolving sugar heat in a skillet with bottomed syrup not boiled stirring up temperature 112 113 degrees are now remove from heat and start beating on average speed gelatin immediately fine
  • 03:10: pouring stream syrup bowl wall on and increase speed mixer to maximum whipping and interrupted and can immediately see how mass begins to turn white and increase in I fluffed volume about 10 minutes before rack dense Divorce is such a here's turnover should get better to
  • 03:44: prepare with lotochek sent one greaseproof paper that little grease vegetable oil Now pour air tab mass into a mold and leveled shovel Well, I decided to add color drops gel food dye plowing doing
  • 04:18: chaotic divorce and it turns out here such beauty is now forget about our dessert for at least 6:00 he should curdle when the time elapsed mix 1 package powdered sugar and one and a half tablespoons tablespoons corn starch mix and knife which will
  • 04:48: cut the marshmallow roll in sugar powdered starch that the mass does not stuck detachable bumpers and labor surface slightly sprinkling sugar powder with starch and Smooth out with 1 shoot it separates the paper very easy [music] again prisypem powder
  • 05:21: legs and now cut the marshmallow Well into cubes or stripes as you wish each time after
  • 05:51: how to cut be sure to sprinkle marshmallow sugar powder and starch not to lozenges We stick to friend the friend here such here soft and airy springy slices You should turn Well try
  • 06:22: honestly do not differ from my store seems even even much tastier tasty necessarily try cook them because they are nice even it is a pity they have Thanks a lot for viewing place fingers up if you it was helpful Video cook together with me and I'll see you in new video bye bye [music]