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  • 00:00: all We start to build Our top decorations take down the thread sewing of the first color and start provyazyvat it in chain chain It serves as a stitches how many columns without
  • 00:38: sc you can attach to each chain link will It depends on the size your chains I link placed two loop and tying chain of approximately 25 centimeters proceed to
  • 01:08: second row you intses Knit the second row cut and tying ends into a knot so that the ends do not
  • 01:46: we stuck fix needle a bowl of this piece of iron start to sew following a series of bark chain He had no fog fictional do not forget to follow and
  • 02:20: semicircular the desert and price take thread Next color and provyazyvaem in its chain just same as the first
  • 02:51: provyazyvaem a row column, without sc chain with this light I made a short 81 leave neprovyazannymi extreme links them we will smooth the transition to more
  • 03:21: long chain stonecrop four link on each hand start sew provyazyvaniya chain thus sew to threads and chains alternated choosing accessories
  • 04:13: Make sure that the beads larger units chain or he will fall on the wrong side but also remember on a chain with
  • 05:00: second color we the extreme left links neprovyazannymi Now we will sew them to chain with beads to make the transition more smooth to come in
  • 05:32: and So a you we the latter chain, we
  • 06:05: We will sew with via thread 0 3 colors for this you You need a needle and big enough flies size sew You should see more than two-and-two half times than chain you sew irreplaceable. new
  • 06:43: but would Yes both decided to chain up end we return to the left in the thread beginning of the series we will resend it sew the same creating a chain It is stitched thread triangle pattern and
  • 07:20: tying the end of this yarn into a knot and to fix seamy side threaded pin from
  • 08:09: beads and chain with front side do not forget well fix each pin Round to they were out of our necklaces and finally to show
  • 08:42: what I am going to him wear baby