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Drinks for clarification of an organism - recipes on the PLANET of SEMINARS portal  See details »

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  • 00:00: green goddess super trio and chlorophyll is not this not exotic dishes and not alcoholic cocktails these are juices that help you get harmful substances from organism and restore function liver and gastrointestinal tract for cooking green goddess to us you need pineapple broccoli parsley and watercress a cut off from pineapple
  • 00:35: quarter and clear of peel and pulp is divided into several parts tear off the brokers or two inflorescences divide a bunched beam parsley and cut off from the root of cress-salad send ingredients in juicer traditional element beverage decorations in straws one of which you can puncture umbrella at will in juice can be added germinated grains and then some organism additional substances and vitamins to get juice from
  • 01:09: we take chlorophyll carrots and parsley and celery all ingredients cut in half and put juicer any freshly squeezed juice can
  • 01:39: used in the form snack main remember that drinks must be stored in refrigerator no more than 10 hours super trio justifies its name for it cooking use three very useful for the body product green apple celery and raw beets Ingredients cut into quarters and also send juicer
  • 02:09: green apple we use together with the core of each from juices it is possible gild lemon pleasant appetite