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  • 00:00: welcome my expensive subscribers and guests of the channel and bunnies in the wheelbarrow I I picked up a model for you it's easy and she knits from small square motives and another triangular motives It will be necessary when all associate the required quantity the motive of sew together we start knitting
  • 00:30: he is very knitting motive with a sliding loops and then about we knit 3 air hinges for lifting first row ring knitting 2 a column with one on the cushion of 3 air loops let's match 3
  • 01:02: a column with one cape and all three air loops repeated drawings three more bars with one- piece three air
  • 01:37: loops on day 23 and once again three bars with one-piece is tied in ring can already be here at this stage a then it's beautiful distribute we knit 3 air loops one two three and at the end
  • 02:08: row we perform connecting loop this series is ready go to the second row we knit 3 air loops Raise and close and now tie it over two bars with one
  • 02:38: together or with one vertex 1 the column has no end the second column is not up to end now everything loops off the hook together four air loops 24 of it the handle is tied column without crochet 4 air loops
  • 03:11: two three four and now it is necessary to tie 3 sticks together 3 column with one second crochet the post is not up to the end the third pillar and all loops simultaneously four air loops 4go pen handle without
  • 03:43: repeated sc traded to the end of the series 4 air loops 34 simple motif size is not large for beginners suitable acted so well that you are there until the end of the third column and all
  • 04:14: loops together two three four four air bells and stitches without a crochet 3 you and repeat again three a column with one we will tie a cuff the very top loops together 1 2 3 4 one more column without
  • 04:49: network network cuts through we approach the end of the series we knit 4 air and connection connecting loops end of the series we will knit 3-4
  • 05:19: air loops go to 4 and now warchuk y need to link 3 a column with one with one tops 3 column first it end on what these all loops together bonded 2 air loops
  • 05:51: find where we had column without a crochet in previous row and I see his loop column with one on the cushion 2 air the following aruchku knit three column together three a column with one we put a cape on together 1 air loop and
  • 06:24: here it is necessary to tie column with one on the cushion of 3 air loops and at the same even at the base column with 1 cover next up 1 air loop and gorochku the same symmetrical
  • 06:54: 3 columns of Cape together 2 air loops and a post with one-piece repeat the picture all over the country square who 2 so three bars with one- piece
  • 07:27: I tie three together 10 the air loop column with crochet 3 air loops and here is another cantilevered column on air 2 this most all three a column with one wrapped together we sew 2
  • 07:59: air loops will deepen with a crochet I continue two air loops and the same reception repeated 3 a column with one we will tie a cuff together on air for
  • 08:29: in this corner I hang out column with one on the cushion of 3 air loops and another column with one-piece loop one knit one the same way I crochet 3 columns with 1 cover I sew together 2 air loops
  • 09:02: cantilevered column should move loops repeat three times a column with one crocheted together approach the end of this number of about knitting air hinge
  • 09:36: with one crochet another air loop and knit column with 1 cape in this archo we are already go to the fourth row of 3 air loops
  • 10:09: understand and series 4 final row start knitting bars with one cape in each loop previous series binds crock only 14 bars this country should
  • 10:41: night where there were two air loops there are up to 2 bars column without crochet cake and way wrapped here are two eyelets was meant there about We knit 2 posts with and the one-piece here and in this arched knit
  • 11:21: two bars with one cape two three four five I tied the six move on to another hand knitting 3 air loops we will tie and this side of the hills
  • 11:51: two bars and now, too, something loop we will knit on post that it is not cape act in a column windows thunder
  • 12:23: squad is not difficult here see 2 loops those who is here we have hooks moves here have reached angle to point 2 column 3 air
  • 12:53: loop and go to the next country all likewise the same way knit to the end of the row and Here at the end of the row we knit air loop and we tie a post with one crochet and motive I'm all ready to thank you for
  • 13:24: attention to new meetings