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  • 00:00: Welcome to the bones and jelly fox and today we are going to you cook very delicious and easy summer snack, and so we need 2 zucchini better if it will be small young zucchini little green I parsley and 150 grams of cheese and a few tablespoons spoonfuls of sour cream or if you want to make a snack easier for the caloric content not take yogurt
  • 00:30: sour cream and cottage cheese respectively a lower fat content First of all we We need our zucchini they are certainly washed clean I shall not because the skin is not solid young we will cut them like this along these plates as possible my thinner somewhere in the 2-3 millimeter here are the platelets obtained quite thin so as the first tank I Now I cut it
  • 01:00: pile in a bowl so Here layers and each layer beneath the salt is the next layer, and with second zucchini do all the same Well zucchini with salt and we leave them for 20 minutes so they let the juice and at this time do our on the mask or say it in general we need cheese salt and so
  • 01:30: good his mash with a spoon if this market and curd if out of the shop he already be soft and then dressed with sour cream to it that it is soft and well well, or it was wound yogurt you there here want the same can crush a little bit of garlic and chopped fresh herbs Well, I do not want it
  • 02:00: greens I use for Jewelry I It took some time allowed zucchini its a lot of juice salt and themselves zucchini I dabbed on a little paper towel this time I had I heated pan will their zucchini fry on both sides on a small amount of oil So zucchini pozharin
  • 02:48: and now the next stage we them spread our roads with sour cream here we can put one or two leaf parsley and just fold in half the second embodiment can be twist them roll if you want and well, here is my light
  • 03:27: summer appetizer zucchini ready I I wish you a pleasant appetite and all good while