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  • 00:00: hello I will teach and be a cute bun-shaped leaves hair with folded ribbons for this we will using the following materials we will use two strips of tape santina gives green water 4 centimeters wide we will cut two strips of 19 centimeters and we will burn to one side and to the other
  • 00:33: to prevent it say for the part Central will cut a small strip the same tape four centimeters wide and 4 centimeters and a half long about after that we will use needle and thread you must use the same needle and not ribbon color then we will use liquid silicone Hook scissors and hair then enlist materials and Spence
  • 01:05: super attentive to go step by step chignon preparation of this kind in shaped leaves with hair ribbons for the next demon model For the hair we will work this time with two strips of tape approximately 19 centimeters long and 4 centimeters Wide we will burn around the edges for thaws to prevent part center will use a tape as width of 4 centimeters and four
  • 01:36: and a half centimeters long and equal so we will burn once I This way we are going to work making a sort of diagonally to one side to the other side we will join the two central parts of this way there is once we have it so we will do exactly the same giving an approximate distance of 3 centimeters to three and a half centimeters
  • 02:09: between pass this way and we will do the they say it will be another petal another or veil once we have it this way We joined to the center in this way always holding us to not disarmament in our beautiful and it so we are going to bend inward in this way
  • 02:41: there is and there will form another oval will turn to the side of That way if you are seeing always like holding center for it is not disarmament then the terminal of the tape we will likewise form another sort of oval and once you This way we are going to open so
  • 03:15: the tape went about towards the center there is as this we are going to so what would be the first part part of our beautiful shaped we have sheet so as these and Let's get ready let's move well towards one side and then the other and then
  • 03:48: we proceed to finish and cut to to work Likewise the other side to subsequently bond with this cute bun sheet form then we will work to another hit to so that we understand quite well we will do to one side towards the forming another angle litho
  • 04:19: and taking to the center once yes it will do exactly what same to the other side calculating approximately 3 centimeters and a half three to three cm and the separation medium and we turn once it yes we will check whether the size as the other seems to be a bit smaller and then we can double
  • 04:51: quietly do not worry about the sizes can not not be working with tape measure ibaka the work of this how to make it easier for You can place the tape measure but remember that when working these monkeys you can drop or re-take the tape So this is pretty easy and simple labor then we see that there is already is with the appropriate size and once
  • 05:23: we have it in this way we will bend again to the other side pulling out of Thus the following oval there are watching bend toward Always central holding and after that towards the end we will work towards a side and the other forming
  • 05:56: likewise two angle and cough and triangle inward there is and we have that on the side a sort of oval one that it This way we do this We open as does the center tape and binding approach thus forming the next sheetlet then we will and cut off and we will proceed to
  • 06:28: join the moñito then I'll pass tape to show them how we will unite this link difficult in sheet form bun I got well and both sides our beautiful what we do the next I left the needle to the side has been reversed for proceed to unite and to superimpose this side through the central part
  • 06:59: I am so done in previous video another Moñitos that ban has been 2 but I'm repeating petals pay who see us for the first time we will pass and we will adjust there going to up and down with thread uniting Thus what is still the center chignon later cover joints with tape
  • 07:33: then I'll upload thus then can help Doing a little there are vueltecita small round look you'll put it this way for they can see how it is becoming I still am not leaving defined because we are still joining adjusting well we are passing from one side the other setting well do not worry if it moves
  • 08:03: we have to spend several times the needle with the thread until it securely I remember working with white thread you should do with it and the color so it does not notice even though here you will go covered , but can work with him and the same color as well as with wire nails or then I'm just giving
  • 08:33: ditas tip to get a good look at Once we have done that we will proceed on the wrong side to rem Táriq horta there I look strengthening when they finished securing well unions We are very well once and let to carry out short and we will work it which has been the central part of
  • 09:08: moñito when handling it we are obviously moving because we are working but more or less you They are placing as it will go looking this beautiful then I will work center we have here on this tape and we will place to the wrong side whose first ccaa that cachito of sins silicone liquid silicone will place which normally should leave orear
  • 09:41: slightly we will place small amounts in which it is the center ideally be guided a little bit and boeing to shed leaving after leave now for a while with ico I'll throw the tape so if they wish they can board a little if not there We were just starting to stick Part obviously short
  • 10:14: making his country as arrugadito then I go to the central part I keep making health habits you only look with your hands if They want to reinforce what they can do with The iron the idea is that it looks like a kind of collected and then we will place liquid silicone to here at the end of
  • 10:45: this way and will hold there for a a little jiffy to paste all right moñito back there I I'll be holding a little while to I know a little bit to show them how then looks over our moñito we were additional hook for generally show no affection
  • 11:15: how it sticks because you can use Different types of hook according also sell the country where you live different models of simple hooks and either in silver if you we want color that depends on the like you and where you live so they can get a hook as I said to taste just hook
  • 11:46: finally I will then paste I'll expect to go for drying show how it looks this nice finished as you can see here we have our cute chignon hair done you observe what has been nice then I hope you are encouraged to do so do not forget to write me for any questions or queries you have about He also invited them as always to subscribe to my channel and share
  • 12:16: this video with your friends and friends as well also do not forget to click button I like thank you very much and see you next