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  • 00:00: Hello, I'm with you no com in this video i you want to show some exercises for the treatment and prevention flat feet Well, I think you know what flatfoot yes to you just do not even nice to walk either stand still what can I do, even I will not talk about it speak as flatfoot still
  • 00:31: affects our spine on musculoskeletal staff so how do you understand one negative you need this somehow get rid of the doctors there recommends to enter special shoes walk on the shelves there on different stones but only certainly not on the sharp stones well, it's all you can do on street and water that the exercise I want you which can be performed at home just you will give at least 20 minutes a day I think this will be quite
  • 01:01: Well enough let's go like guys I sent the camera down I hope there is my legs are all normally seen see the first exercise is necessary it will be done walk so see how at me on how so this is the entrance minutes five in a circle move away circle then go to the second exercise guen ha ha her so also in a circle we go minutes
  • 01:32: five well it's you all can do at home repeat yes, as it were always on the street after that we will toddler five minutes also we were like socks at once goes on heels to you can around the couch walk where do you want to heels are like
  • 02:02: go directly to another exercise it will be necessary do such of movement well you can do about five minutes somewhere can on the spot on place can stand so a little bit like well, the next Exercise for us either I will take such a spider me thing from simulator sit down and start rolling
  • 02:32: feet attach to our feet the correct form is as if you are starting to cook well, I think there is nothing like this You do not have a difficult one such a thing is just you can find somewhere shelf ride the same thing somewhere you do minutes five more guys can be roll it this way implementation of such exercise begin stand on one's heels
  • 03:02: there is a lot in this points on heels on socks well so can do it for about 2 minutes 2 such is the exercise so in principle these exercise very are useful and so You can, however, link yourself that there will not be put for example there dumbbells or a bottle with water in for me as it would be very easy
  • 03:32: so I need to of course, more weight to invest but all I'll tell you about show you catch yourself on your knees, start cock feet are the same you can perform only the time itself all do well, well friends fulfill these Exercise even if you do not have flat feet they to you explicitly for prevention useful do not want skip my new video clips subscribe to my I'm shooting a video regularly the same way put it where for
  • 04:03: you new video was I am useful to the Laika all bye