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Self-made maggot. As quickly and to have no trouble in doing a maggot in house conditions  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello, friends fishermen today Video I want to visit fishing fans peaceful fish in 0 or in particular Paris and I'll show you how make a homemade fell at home conditions using Here is such a sponge a common kitchen sponge and scissors egg protein us you need to cut the breast thin stripes Now we do it slips thickness It depends on
  • 00:31: what size are you you want to get maggots after we have them cut my that's so carefully they have soaked fully soak in the egg protein better than we do the more food fully similar to porsche they will have structure I found this bait some calendars 10 years ago, since then I have it
  • 01:01: successfully in use those cases when I nowhere to take the usual stool caught this bait is not much worse than usual sponge should be initially dry because if Bubka is bromo nice will be bad absorbed after we carefully these infiltrated a protein our cows and
  • 01:32: stripes need throw in boiling water water we have prepared and we them throw cook for the right moment
  • 02:03: two I think this it will be enough for to protein fully curled Well, I think not It can be cooked get then we got our
  • 02:33: stripes with water we chop here such small pieces I have a striped cut to save you time here and so cut into if you want to you You can take the red you can take yellow sponge from this will it be influence the color of our paris and again if
  • 03:03: you may want soak it even some on the paths there are very vanilla garlic that your what your heart desires use if they want to paint for example, in red color for this can be easy to apply food colorings who have changed dokrasim Easter eggs are not perfect paints over protein I for example using
  • 03:34: dye only Where I I catch in the surface layers of water they are more contrast, see the sky want any notice reason on this in basically do Optional if we catch in the bottom layers of the problems here there are no such Here the color is excellent It fits perfectly on this bait caught rudd bream bream and roach perched in general all
  • 04:06: it is not white fish I can not shrink from say that it caught better than live maggots since it is an inanimate object in it does not have motion thereby he It attracts fish Come fish will fine on them caught because a Paris itself live is on 90 percent of the protein so it's a great his replacement thanks for watching
  • 04:39: my video if you it was useful to put Huskies write your Comments will be still lots and lots interesting not to I miss my new videos subscribe to my channel all thank you all so far