Tatjana Sapaliene

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Knitting by a hook. Volume peak  See details »

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  • 00:00: volumetric pico is sometimes when tying to and but more like this make a chain from 5 air loops We enter the second of hook loop draw a thread is not we also
  • 00:31: enter the third loop fourth and fifth we have hook 5 loops now we have them together we bind let's go here related column in horizontally and vertically horizontal and vertical thread
  • 01:01: pull the loop but do not bind and now we knit the next column next column we we bind all these loops knit there 2-3 as much as we will be between the peak with ears 2 let's they were thicker Here is such it turned out like this peak she in general is
  • 01:31: looks much more spectacular than just pico from the air loops let's go again it means after the bar without crochet knit 5 air loops and 2 from the hook is one thing missing not old from the hook of the loop pull out a thread from 3 hooks so here's the pull
  • 02:01: do not get to the last is us you get 5 strings on We tie them to the hook all together now come under horizontal thread the column will come to which we knit a peak for horizontal draw a little but do not bind and now we knit the next column without cape thread through all loops
  • 02:32: on the hook and retreat some columns here I will admit I will recede 3 here are you kitty it turns out well let's to another kind would yes we will reach the end sample means under second from hook to one two Three
  • 03:02: pull out four such strings 5 loops and the chic of these we sew together we go under two strings of the previous column pull out the thread Here it remains and knitting on column without crochet stretching through all hinges such here peak is seen
  • 03:37: that they are pretty plump