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Waist pain and radiculitis. As in 1,5-2 minutes to kill waist pains at radiculitis. Doktor-Zhelch  See details »

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  • 00:00: Low back pain, sciatica. Now I'll show you how a half to two minutes can independently remove pain with radiculitis. So, what is sciatica? Sciatica comes from the Latin word radiculus, those. "Spine". These are the most tender, delicate nerve bundles that pass or come with us, in this case, of the lumbar vertebrae. And compression of the lumbar vertebrae, which is called protrusion, is here this is the swelling of the roots, which is often excruciating pain in the
  • 00:32: loin. So versatile, in my opinion, unique an exercise that will allow you to relieve your suffering with sciatica and lower back pain at home conditions, living conditions and even when you are in traffic while driving. What we need to do for this? We need this for our feet to put on the level of our shoulders, and that's just such a way to arrange our elbows. Our elbows between: the left elbow near the left knee, and the right arm around the right knee.
  • 01:04: Compress here in this way her hands, inhale sharply, sharp exhale and make the move to meet each other. Those. We squeeze the knees and at this point are crushed, We breed them here in this way with his elbows. Repeat with me. If done correctly, this exercise, you will feel
  • 01:34: immediate relief, you will have a sense of Heat in the lumbar region. You will feel tender, but, nevertheless, gentle I cross over the back of the thighs, which would facilitate the state not only in the loins, but in your hips. And after half a minute or two you can safely stand up, stamp his foot and say, "Today I am healthy! Goodbye, sciatica! Goodbye back pain! "
  • 02:04: And if you can not get rid of osteochondrosis, come clinic academics Kartavenko on the Black Sea.