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Beaded cactus. A cactus from 5 parts. Part 1\/2. Beads with Anna. Beadwork.  See details »

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  • 00:00: hi today i I'll show you how make complex cactus of five parts with large whites yellow flower on top to start we will do one of five parts cacti for this rather robust wire 1 a piece must be about 16 and 17 centimeters two
  • 00:30: others shorter then we will take them and connect another wire in the center it's with us and again
  • 01:09: then to a thinner I collected the delay green beads total length is beaded thread was 2 meters 40 centimeters further by beaded thread that I did what I did in circular motions build up such as would a leaf to start I will
  • 01:53: consider that between there was only one wire bead but as there is a rather narrow the distance is enough one sit on 3 wire then I spend wire so that close the middle next I look
  • 02:24: how many beads are necessary for some distance here let me need 5 here one or two here one here already 2 and so I will do until
  • 02:55: as long as they do not reach to the brim with the edge may remain about half a centimeter if you do not first
  • 03:44: gained the full length wire it about two and a half meters scored a bit of your the walk ended there is nothing in it scary just need to beat one side where over wire and then already with a new catch again for the same side and go on circle on another important
  • 04:15: the moment is based which you weave must be respectively exactly I understand she can not be absolutely level but we must try make it like can be smoother because what then to us will have to bend leaf in half if The fundamentals are terribly hard and she will not let you produce such actions