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  • 00:00: Hello everyone today make you a flower from tape I will combine two colors but if you You want can do and I take monochrome with two tape width half centimeter and cut to 4 centimeters in length in I get cut 2 to 4 half etc. of these I cut ribbons here such petal
  • 00:30: Now petal I leave with a lighter and petal edge do corrugated If you are comfortable you
  • 01:11: you can handle this petal and over candle melts the edge and folded the Now that we It obtained in this worked up all the petals and since I'm doing two color flower I take two petal different color and impose one to another
  • 01:41: further tuck top dark pink lepestochek And so it goes down light pink me it turns out here such Now detail the lower section I I fix the lighter as you can see the tab obtained double-sided one side light pink other party hot pink and when I stick these
  • 02:12: petals on the basis of I I will paste all the petals are equally light pink top basics of cut batt with a diameter of 4 half centimeter thermo-adhesive glue petals next to each other on circle the first row I
  • 02:52: 14 went petal the next row we we will stick between the petals first row falling down on several we millimeters will also 14 petals Now repeat the
  • 03:26: process third row glue friend near another fourth series between the petals third row in the third row I taped at eight petals and 4 and Glue also 8 petals here is my
  • 04:13: obtain flower can be glued center and left its like a flower but I I decided to make it as a bow so we Made of seredinku such as petals glue petals 2 together and now on circle paste in the middle of a I
  • 05:24: taped 6 petals Now due to the fact that in the center of the flower we there are very few places I can not glued too many petals to middle, so 6 Petals I thought it I gather enough at the bottom of the same like this obliquely and in a rut flower on I Center just lazy
  • 05:56: petals separately where they will not suffice and glue So and now here some places my it is necessary to have glue individual petals Now I have left
  • 06:27: four petals I I think they need to do slightly shorter than what to the bottom, they have I did not deliver cut somewhere five millimeters Now glue here
  • 06:58: generally dokleivaem petals add
  • 07:28: where you see fit do you think that they are not enough to have turned a lush bow that's all bow our Now you are ready You can attach it on or in the hairpin scrunchy today it's not forget to class if you I liked this video create with
  • 07:59: happy all till but