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  • 00:00: hello today I will cook marble cake warm milk and compressed yeast a few spoonfuls sugar well Stir and leave to 15-20 minutes for the filling washed magician zalyu hot water I put on the fire and Bring to the boil and boil for 15 minutes Remove from heat and Lean a colander soft butter
  • 00:31: connect with sugar vanilla sugar yolks and mix thoroughly mix pain activated add yeast sifted flour salt and Misha soft dough for 10 minutes flour can
  • 01:07: need more bowl'll set film and put in a warm place the dough doubled on floured boards coming up stretch the dough rectangle I was as follows
  • 01:40: manner I'll set a bowl and I leave for 20 minutes I repeat folding and leave 20 minutes mage of water and wring
  • 02:18: grind the blender room protein temperature in sobyu lush mass add sugar and salt to sustainable long Coupled with citric zest and poppy seeds Stretch the dough into rectangle and
  • 02:48: divided into 2 same part Roll out each piece 40 to the size of the reservoir 30 centimeters will distribute half filling and poppy wring roll Each roll will cut lengthwise into two parts and the binding
  • 03:27: oiled and floured form lay Braids each other'll set film and put in warm place until the dough will not rise to the edges of the form in preheated to 180
  • 03:59: degree oven I put on the form average and bake 45-50 minutes in 20 minutes two layers'll set finger cooling the finished cake form within 15 minutes then remove and completely out of shape I cooled down on the grid for sifted icing
  • 04:33: icing sugar connect with lemon juice cut the cake better six-eight hours instead of poppy for
  • 05:04: the filling can be use grated chocolate subscribe to Channel place husky share with friends you had for Irina fractions of the channel Bon Appetit