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  • 00:00: Hi Hello Hello to you channel breakfast and lunch dinner and my name is Julia Today will be with you cook ketchup from sink You know what it is I but let's not known when I tried th how I did not like Now will show you how him to do for this we need to have on my desk ingredients 3 portions of ketchup but because in the description of you then detail tell how what ingredients need to I turned a a portion because here are three kilo if picked up
  • 00:30: for that I have I want to roll for the winter Here is such a wonderful Quichua eventually we need a plum Garlic Curried chili pepper and salt sugar our ingredients we will need to myasorubochka plum twist garlic and pepper so I by pepper cleaned of seeds I when I am working with I pointed pepper dress gloves because it is very Acute then be scratch I do not know it well, and the eye and all for the whole day
  • 01:02: you will have fun Now I remove the seeds and still need to be rinse pepper pepper I cleaned now we will twist on grinder to plums and garlic, and who have not yet Subscribe to my channel subscribe begin twist pepper continue cream garlic in any order you want
  • 01:32: And finally, garlic Torsion of I garlic cream Pepper and you now need to add salt and curry sugar put it on medium heat and will
  • 02:07: cook for 20 minutes when boils it is necessary to boil yet twenty minutes and all you can turn off our sketch and ready should be mixed his need so it does not burn our participation in the oven as if a lot of when it is cooked it will be ready course will be much less probably will and 60 percent of whom 100 that was well, that's all ketchup drain ready beautiful color it this turned
  • 02:37: burgundy all I had switch off and it is possible to roll twist if someone and wants to keep the men under the meat under good piece myaska By the way, this ketchup he It turned out just like would not even sharp so much was pepper chilli but he It turned out not sharp will be fine now wait until he cool completely you can eat
  • 03:07: Well our friends want was very delicious and who have not yet I had to subscribe to the our channel not agree with you was channel breakfast and lunch dinner leave your comments before new appointments