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  • 00:00: We will analyze all kinds of numbers are numbers exist as them as their interpreted as and now you do not keep corral clean look we'll start way of life the number of life's journey we discussed on last lesson she
  • 00:31: was the second that is the number of soul to soul she is listed as sixth day of birth item we are now We start with the false path my last lesson not to disassemble the just started be interested in what numbers ogy number way of life responsible for life way of man and shows what energy accompanies Life is the beginning what energy him to us, and birth
  • 01:01: it shows some task can some energy that can help in life to realize yourself some of his their talents propensity and the number of life the path is calculated very simple way means we take the amount of date birth that is here I take for example his therefore, I 12 December 2012 and 1988 is shown at the bottom of it
  • 01:33: divide 1 plus 2 plus 1 plus 2 plus 1 plus 9 plus eight plus eight All these numbers are 2 to 12 Super 78 are separately we dismantle them and Then we have them in the pros the amount of turns 32 These 32 which means that the we need more to add on was one number we do 2 and 3, plus it turns Pyaterochka Now I will tell you secret as much faster considered absolutely you
  • 02:03: including his protection the very well here Look for quickly to all be considered for to speed calculation was high you that we do we take and cross out immediately Here we will surprise nine cross out highlights one plus 8 this one study then delete this Eight here this unit turns on
  • 02:33: all nine which is crossed out We have with us 5 Here is one plus two plus two grater is and here She sat down on luggage ie for five to quickly count result lest we pressed fully all sum and we cross out all figures which give the sum of 9 because it end comes It leads to zero there nine digit which is spinning It completes the circle on that which principle that
  • 03:04: that figure that it is not necessary to consider not need to be taken into account for To see the sum total here and that we can from this extract numbers way of life in Here we it turns five and as we have on past lesson considered if enabled past activity that was more clearly on Last time we
  • 03:35: assorted number 5 here number 5 that is here says that people which number is day and now he I must always go to the development of this means that his life his life, she will constantly prod 3 development is constantly will power Mercury energy mercury he filled and It makes you I move in life I remember once I was on a retreat there such a serious
  • 04:06: on spiritual topics talking and this retreat I met one Moscow guy here in Moscow, he finished it School Buzova Vyacheslav cargo you loved it You know colada School kind of what they call palm striae School so is the name please astrology school try to generically as a whole that is mixed it is not clear at all what they teach is not yet But she considered one of these strong schools, and he
  • 04:36: they are very seriously they very seriously pay attention to how This time we had died this School is very is concentrated consider numerological factor I would also like I recommend especially those who are astrologers studies into account also at amateur factors are very serious thing because that the figures they have very strong influence
  • 05:07: considering them we can more clearly that there build some synthesis were clearly You see some needs some challenges in the person so or another astrology looks much deeper than all but Astrologers often it It makes us confuse most stricter many different nuances that need to be take into account the complex often synthesize especially in the first years of study astrological difficult moments synthesize and when we take
  • 05:37: numerology like here I would be all very clearly prostroen naturally need take into account all the numbers and they also synthesize somehow but nevertheless much easier to the world does not work because there is You know figures figures how mathematics is Two plus two is four all of this is the law and numerology too Basically there is no such mega tricks just everything averaged over all regularly and at the end already in the last
  • 06:07: lesson, not even and at last Next, I'll give you structure such table where simple to consult person simply fill it out, he fills this table depending on these rules we Now we walk with all honest and here after the addition of the table you can already simple and you on it You can read this table of people have already It will be appreciated that it do and how it We need to continue straight realize that there
  • 06:37: so simple to Indeed science and here we simply take and description of the number of souls They were taken and we had first general a description of all the numbers here to to understand the number of lives laptops it interact well All other numbers we will select as though main main we in the beginning to consider ie, the number 5 we We see his people life will be nudge constantly threaten him It would be interested
  • 07:08: he will love freedom to seek new opportunities it does not change will no uncertainty in I have some in life will I love the risk can will tell you that all of At least with me all the same, and from I very much risk I loved to go on parapet there anymore bridges and I was so go as I was there seventeen Eighteen years is not engaged, thank God I stayed alive this
  • 07:39: it is better to risk but to do this number by as it gives the love things mobility and skill adaptation communicability knowledge transfer form knowledge transfer I love to pass knowledge, new experiences something always new each trying to knowledge compared with other and I love the very synthesis just so the Vedas not very much attract because
  • 08:09: they synthesize all knowledge here is just on This retreat that He told me this a guy with whom I he met us I did not say but I would I considered him my card he finished school he palmist palmistry astrology and numerology that is, of three things rerouting that studies school cola 2 and we talked with him there on my card account it does not handle a little bit in hand looked a little and in the end we they talked about
  • 08:39: destination told me that Party no matter how well strongly visible but you says the number 15 and Five and a triple date of birth is Jupiter, Mercury you should do it in principle, that schA I was engaged in the house through numerology More This was confirmed groom through astrology ie These factors are important important we them taken into account in all that I hope if you suddenly clear that you immediately write will disassemble more deep imprint
  • 09:09: factor number number of expressions expression this number is able to give man shows as a person expresses themselves in the outside world how it manifests itself How is he interacts with lower world as it and can express books is the book that is all like I described in detail you also send you can be
  • 09:39: view more detailed and all factors means the number of expression is the sum of letters of the name and surname that is, each letter corresponds to specific figures and Now he quickly drafted on the table I forgot but to do as we would need for today's lesson that was clearly you now quickly and do while lobby forgot to do get about so we need to I
  • 10:13: just did not stick that you will write to not writes and when all clearly a lot better five six seven eight days and so number 123 well, a cloud
  • 10:48: Here it is the letter e true and float too somewhere there is only us Never under one of bad numbers nahodyatsa
  • 11:18: rewriting immediately himself to it you It was from One important note
  • 11:57: the fact that the soft mark b they do not take into account the have blind letters who are not have their as it does not sound are not considered soft Kommersant's thanks to this by signs we can calculate the number number on my behalf Currently, as it were Budimir now!
  • 12:27: disassemble made axis here I am that it be more clearly look at the number of Fukushima look here Vladislav Polischuk then have top surname it is six letter n lo 6 to see Again bp Polishchuk by e-deuce Nine easier th and Paris and now have nine second unit itself
  • 13:01: missing part Seven in unit and Here, too, a unit rooted here further vladislav in triple l unit to deuce five of the nine there and with eight liters and deuce Clyde triple unit
  • 13:34: ie Polishchuk Vladislav we like we take we take a number name turns 31 when we have all these plyusuem and 3 plus 1 obtained chetverochku and take the number name here it turns 34 and it still semerochki now we need to quadruple the number of name number of names add on it turns out 11:11 deuce mean number
  • 14:04: my expression is Now for a deuce In order to understand this we simply take go here and here look emotional I do not balance let my cling to others and not let's