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  • 00:00: Hello to you Elena Krasovskaja I propose today with me experiment together and find out is it possible to qualitatively make complex knitwear difficult processing knitwear on simple sewing let the machine look for the beginning assessed visually extensibility of our material here he It stretches on equity thread and almost two times stronger cross
  • 00:30: management that is This jersey is not very easy to processing if you sew it on ordinary car nothing is taking the can be skipping lines Well, let me now! I spend a experiment made simply place without any options what we do in general line It looks good but there is a wrong I skipped the part I had control
  • 01:01: took place on equity as a thread usually where knitwear least extensible line lays down exactly but here not happening a small assembly is not We look at the fabric and deforms lines looks I'm ugly Now I made for To change line quality but First I change it on a special needle for jersey here have on
  • 01:31: box can be written or stretch the main jersey there is need to look it stores this the needle is not cuts jersey she Round tip it Spreads are not those thereby jersey line turns qualitatively more after the change, and I was I reduce tension and return decompress paws on the cloth case
  • 02:01: if a thin jersey or that's how I here very tensile pressure foot on the fabric and must be reduce to foot slipped better tissue and deformed Now a line has It looks better passes from the wrong hand but there is no A gap remains yarn that is, if pull knitted fabric with the thread high tension
  • 02:33: may break Well of course harms and external view products because we are know that the river that tash one of the properties to the same this extensibility It is due to this properties through this characterization things of knitted paintings very comfortable to wear so they are convenient but like so many precisely because of extensibility knitwear best special stitching
  • 03:03: some seams indirect because a straight line is not provide needed extensibility in this case, it is possible take if you car is not Lockstitch if It's a line Zigzag is set up line thus that move was very small zigzag and the length of the zigzag was minimal Well that's roughly the
  • 03:33: way will look this line that is, the frequency step always to the very small and given visually line looks almost like straight try this stitch stitching here notably that the fabric of line very well extends that is no Of course if the gap very strong pull it is possible to break but the overall goal line reached They are extensible another option if
  • 04:03: you still more this modern sewing machine certainly it has special knit stitch or elastic Depending on the brand machines and it can different names Of course if the jersey such a difficult processing the ideal solution for there for treatment this material will it is elastic line on this the sewing machine she It looks like Here we see the way
  • 04:33: the stitching done it is very flexible if even if the fabric teacher is not it does not stretch deforms a few turns fabric worried fold but have priutyuzhim they it takes original shape ie this line Of course a great option but not all it is why there several Yet secrets that help to cope with
  • 05:03: like materials if you change the needle to reduce tension reduced thread foot pressure the cloth There is another option using especially foot jersey so here she looks leg designed to knitwear sewing and it is possible to sew delicates it It has a rubber pad on the bottom trays which, when needle drop holds material and
  • 05:33: prevents getting it in the lower rail ie this tab can significantly facilitate the process processing knitwear materials as well can be used treatment option adhesive cobweb natural and seams 100 what you are looking for you You do by car possible line Zigzag large in share You can configure all still on the sewing car more often they usually configured
  • 06:03: problem occurs drinking transverse direction that is eg hem does not for hem sleeves processing the neck but here in this case, and omissions may be and the fabric can shaft maths then stretch You can also try use adhesive cobweb that is, if you do not like open sections can neaten simultaneous slice folding glue webs and then you just neatly prilosec same enter on the falling edge if friable tissue can be
  • 06:34: do so that just bend you need tools and paste adhesive cobweb also there is another I think this means they do not know everything about This in my opinion is just a very good fight help for those who can not customize your sewing machine and there is no capabilities live knitted product is water-soluble Paper used
  • 07:04: quality stabilizer embroidery or sewing patchwork Acrylic there basically but you can use also to lay lines in such difficult This tissue paper readily soluble in Water that is, it can be enclose do line and then just wash it dissolve any Untraceable that is also a excellent tool
  • 07:34: can buy in store for needlework can be search the Internet information but now have such large clothing stores, this paper or the stabilizer there are different forms it is sold there is I think that many familiar with the process when the line laid paper and on the paper page tracing paper Paper towels Depending on that you have a
  • 08:04: hand but this method I it seems labor-intensive It requires laborious a lot of time when you start the tracing and clean much easier to me it seems to have use modern means but do not write off off some folk remedies for diminishing stretching can be treat the seams that you will scribbling example gelatin solution or starch or even have a as a treatment option line foam future
  • 08:34: Styling it there is need experiment sample some of the ways you may approach in any case not We need to give up In order to make out knitted fabrics because the product as I have said from the comfortable jersey can be beautiful create a lot of variations and of course it is best to know on the properties
  • 09:04: knitted fabrics learn some information on the composition of of fiber and because it behaves material and then work with knits is for you perfect pleasure in all good with you I was Elena Krasovskaja up goodbye