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How to sew a belt to a skirt? (Detailed instruction)  See details »



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  • 00:00: Hello dear fans I continue to sew Lessons for beginners Today I'll show you how properly sew belt to the skirt wherein the upper edge natali is keep advised that if the top edge of your the skirt is below or above the waist this technology you It is not suitable for belt you need detail which is longer your waistline by 5 centimeters of them two centimeters on processing and three on Sunset and a width of two
  • 00:30: belt width + 2 centimeter at my treatment width belt three centimeters so I cut width of 8 item centimeters and such same strip of fleece adhesive on the basis of the wrong side and putting a ironed priutyuzhim these Nonwoven not stretching and again to have a good
  • 01:10: Now stuck it is necessary to lay down in half and press it along one of the belt edges We need overlozhit or this or this overlocheny belt edge
  • 01:42: is sewn to seamy side skirts are not processed Kreuk obverse I have already talked about that vykraivaya detail belt for a skirt we must add to the Waist 5 centimeters of them three centimeters on set and two centimeter at processing note now these centimeters on this side 1 centimeter and the other hand 4 these lines we
  • 02:18: we will apply Now search for the skirt the left side of the skirt and one centimeter We are putting such way to the one centimeter He advocated the edge of the skirt Here and Instant Messengers now we need to circle
  • 02:54: belt around the skirts are not second pin toward here when We sewed the zipper We gave the floor centimeter at lightning penetration Now it should be noted that half a centimeter, I Now I do the layout the midline back to the middle apply a second line Belt and label Instant Messengers do not try
  • 03:30: tack belt from I am beginning to end do it because I Now you showed pin one second side side and then distribute the belt in skirt if you do from start to finish in you belt never enough to lay down necessary pins together and here find the middle belt and the middle skirts from the first by stabbing center
  • 04:00: then fold near the shop again find the middle Belt and mid on skirt to chop them middle way we distribute skirt on the belt uniformly do the same We need another sides Now I cleave
  • 04:32: between the benches you I repeat that estimates can not be directly from the colony without tucks you have to deploy back to the center and to the center, do not share in this way tack look
  • 05:02: right or I Tuck and launched Perry potassium if I must now take needle and thread with dead pins tidy by course work Smith and his right
  • 05:33: unfold allowances in the right aside such side at start should be razutyuzhku like this I it right recorded allowance for processing top yucca 1 centimeter do not forget about it ordinary cars have
  • 06:17: who do not differential transporter promote top fabric layer bit quickly lower so I bulavochkoy I help here I nudge the top layer of tissue under a needle not to shifted show After you sew one side Belt should be closed Lightning and see
  • 06:48: Do the same line sewing well, I see that would be the same as the continuation of the belt and Now I reveal and I treat cross-sections the left side of the belt you need to turn on the wrong side Territory necessarily You must be aligned and here and here kill the pin
  • 07:18: to capture and defer this centimeter we planned for the processing scribbling It can be either from the top or from below this side is
  • 07:56: buttonholes therefore superfluous here We need to cut in the loop area was not excess thickness you can even oversize cut close to the seam two millimeter leave it and even with lightning This skirt training lightning will not be cut and allowances Remove the belt is
  • 08:33: Made with scissors like this gently now with on the other hand do the same fold belt inside out edges are here same here with entry fix this
  • 09:03: pins and defer and here scribbling beat so before reaching the corner will need make fine stitch here turn corners on and buns continue the fine stitch and then again usually go on stitch because here we allowance We will cut close in line for
  • 09:33: to turn in This area was not Vova thickness I started doing tack and continue to before reaching this labels exhibit fine stitch unfold and sleep science
  • 10:03: I keep scribbling finely about half cm and more I turn an ordinary Stitch to the end Now I do trimming close to the line is not here you need extra Now cut off the belt unscrewed carefully with scissors
  • 10:39: try squeeze at start not piercing the main cloth at little can be skillfully not to squeeze pierce feel that you get allowance You returned it all Now zavernet inside
  • 11:09: of a roof over our already press it on the center your task spread it fingers and tack tack in thickness in allowance allowance at We are launching inside here must be clean all I
  • 11:39: first of gags times from start to end all do same smooth without fingers seam wrap allowance inside Folding belt in minute call at dinner and I pin up on pin up and down
  • 12:09: Shiva is a help the belt will not slip not distortions will lie flat belt pinned Now it is necessary to tack tack better the bottom edge of the belt simultaneously fixing the internal at the start that they did not then a gut-wrenching like this to sew
  • 12:42: the inside of Belt line is necessary make a face hand fall at This exactly previous seam zone can be a little delay like that about hands to comfortably there was Srochko here no scribbling
  • 13:12: quickly because it is not so simple operation better slowly and little by little this is what get suggestions skirt training scribbling I thread contrasting color Despite this Stitch almost evident that the more we will look at little skirt on top Look down if contrasting thread is not
  • 13:43: You can see the thread in tone can not be seen to be the and more so across skirt tone option when you do it all and to iron belt formed like small overlaps millimeter and all line hidden remains only hide the ends put two lines in needle and thread the thread inside It created a belt hand look
  • 14:14: something like this the inside of We stitched belt It now remains only to break the loop buttons for loop to remember makes its way to the left side skirts to You need to break the loop first make size layout Umanets first label It should be on a distance of 5 millimeters from the edge the second belt in the size of the button and neatly in the center of the belt now it's all under the
  • 14:48: foot expose loop parameters in each machine they read their attentively instructions kitty the name of the car, I I put density Stitch and the function itself loop every time when switch your Regulator watch
  • 15:18: so that the needle was up otherwise it can give way that's all loop broken left hide the ends I will do so way tightened and their first two thread one where he and then inside the belt
  • 15:51: for this I took him Long lugs to here in two lines freely passed here so inside the belt and some distance from the loop then you do it srezhet's wrong with this side of the same inside the belt
  • 16:31: It was such a net work now you need to cut through the loop take a turn pierce exactly Center and carefully from edge to the middle sometimes hinge edge
  • 17:07: insert a pin to not to Is too much to cut It can be in production Of course no one does not so sometimes we Button cling strings at home conditions for ourselves, we We can do better
  • 17:37: get this remains only sew a button close his zipper shop puncture edge loop note where should It is our prayer and I used to sew three millimeter
  • 18:08: more times stretched and button will be on the same a place where you need to here will sewn will wash I remember sew strand and 2 summation hide under the knot button and gets everyone times thinner than a stitch
  • 18:38: works here purely at the end of the bundle by buttons 2 one can hide ends inside the belt cut thread
  • 19:11: It happened like this clean and merge with inside out like this no knots and cherries so the belt is sewn so he It looks from the front parties have to seamy side Vice crazy course It might be different but the skirt training therefore I choose any
  • 19:41: It now remains hem bottom and make slot on the skirt but it the next lesson and Now all that is good bye