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Ancient way to make flower core with stamens. Fantasy stamens - Vadelina  See details »

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  • 00:00: there is one more unusual antique preparation method Stamens take the token bend it in half and strip of fabric by share or transverse does not matter cut out well, not on a scythe and yank straight strings half stripes if you have it
  • 00:30: centimeter pull out strings more often used for this gauze she pulled out quickly Of course, well, look at her. a little worse than from cloth fabrics tinker you need but the result is better depending on whether
  • 01:02: how long do you want height of stamens so much and necessary withstand strings so here are the real take a statue now you take concrete here grease with glue for strength fix here to
  • 01:37: you need to squeeze a little and start wrap up a beam give the lower one bottom edge of course became exactly, well, I think so that all this is needed glue that already strength remained more vain
  • 02:09: but the old way here's how they did before they certainly do not pasted there was not before such particularly strong glues here they are then tied this angle Look at the threads we got out of strips of fabric length
  • 02:39: approximately over centimeters studied that's such a wonderful she is not bad in the middle looks very good the fact is that little under what flowers she Suitable well, the external she certainly has a look cute if take the yellow cloth then do not even need anything do she already immediately such
  • 03:09: fluffy and beautiful this is the basis here need or very glue in coiling time this video roll such then cut off scalpels sharp knife take here from and cut because need to petals closer to the middle adjoined and so she very high and only they need a second option is that the value
  • 03:39: not so these sustain more and leave here somewhere well three millimeters somewhere to leave tissues but then such a a piece is very difficult cools and is necessary at adapt so that her and she remained in the essence of what you understood in than middle very cute such dense luxuriant confused as indeed real flower it means you have to work further with
  • 04:10: end or already flower should be such with large deep leaves to the middle there inside and also also we will now see what do we get if we allow it this middle a little bit we will lower manku but I I tell you at once that if the fabric is color and you can make such options I did very beautiful it turns out if you take two strips of fabric one striped yellow one white
  • 04:40: impose one on another and immediately reel two then it turns out it 's here in rows yellow with white very beautifully so we let's try that we we obtain if Well, you see this pretty very living center flower
  • 05:10: very densely I there are many, many chin chuk turned out and a beautiful flower would but I'm even more like when there is no without a manga, that is, these anthers and no just folded roll of cloth very take it nice arm yourself this way flowers should not be all the same and they should be all different can sometime do well and of course
  • 05:44: we can not in any way skip stamens for decorative flowers it's always here flight of fantasy many number and now lots of materials that can be used for the manufacture of middle fancy color flower well, I'll show you you are now alone option which in in general, it unites
  • 06:14: many of them for this we need fishing line beads of feathers well and glue course fishing line cut off pieces somewhere 8 centimeters 80 cm and put on each line of 5 6 Beads so here I am wearing 5 beads now take the glue
  • 06:46: the tip of the line is lowered grease well glue and dress here bead stretch finally so through a centimeter
  • 07:16: put another drop of glue and on I move the bead through centimeter more one and so fix on this fishing line all 5 beads can be distance do unequal different
  • 07:46: more less you can beads take different colors such as color pearl white can contrast you can take the latest bead here on end of the lenses take as well pearl white and a little more
  • 08:16: size so now this line must be well dry and we will make 2 more of the same here are 3 stems from me get ready take the letter I'll take half the summer length is not so me turn it down
  • 08:48: in half and whether to this tone I tie our twigs to have so that they watched triangle different sides so tied up
  • 09:19: corrected places connections were cut off and I always glue the threads are still so more reliable let a little bit will dry now take the feathers here such a feather cute i will tear myself away here two centimeters two for example, he such a fast and I grease these
  • 10:01: strings from all sides and here these feathers I'm wrapping around our twigs evenly from all parties here we have it turned out interesting cute the middle here are feathers it is necessary
  • 10:33: fix once again with threads and junction carefully tie again now also feathers do the knot was tied up nodule ends
  • 11:04: cut here you can thread use thin adhesive is mandatory and the place of connection and also the entire cast court with we are wrapping the line suitable color corrugated paper here's the workpiece for you already midway to eat and further we are already working with petals and other decorative
  • 11:35: elements that you have and so on that's about this principle middle one of the species Midships for fancy colors how many interesting varieties the middle for this group whose is present middle of a flower stamens choose any of them next video we will consider the next group is chrysanthemum chamomile asters and I will show you as they do in the middle
  • 12:06: for these colors and how many there are there are many ways to do not miss next video subscribe to channel add video to bookmarks for more once you could consider this video lesson of luck