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Album of the first year of life for Dmitry  See details »

Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: hello with you caterina hook me album for the boy on the cover their name by this in translation italian dima album for 8 spreads fabrics you are soft cover in cover catch a ribbon
  • 00:35: album format a4 first spread traditional waiting photos with pregnancy and a photo extract pregnancy can be fit 5 pieces of format 10 by 15 There is also a hotel for suzy pictures instead of for inscription
  • 01:15: make a restaurant on every page here also a cot pocket for holes and first socks hope all children fit metric second spread the first month of the child and photos with baptism here also on 2.5's Photo
  • 01:45: fits under mesh busy bead asterisks moving places for signature places already opening photos of girlfriends third turn two month of the child and
  • 02:18: first winter first new year first New Year and not on glue independently on the photo on which will photos from the new years already pasted double sided tape photo frames tissue is possible here fit 5 photos
  • 02:48: non-standard size a here write something such a total tec pro the following turn photos of family and four months baby symbol of the family before
  • 03:24: english family here are two tags for signatures also 3 more photos here 3 photos next spread 5 6 months the first spring masha
  • 03:54: places for signature here also under lace 5 photo 10 at 15 here too is disclosed and the next turn 7 and 8 months old baby here 5 photos
  • 04:30: here are three photos 10 to 15 7 months here also 5 photos 8 places further from us photos spilled 9 10 months will destroy and 12 there too
  • 05:04: three photos 10 by 15 and the last spread 11 months I have one year window than board the flower shines
  • 05:40: here are 3 photos here are 3 photos frame for Photo delivers photos and more cot for 5 photos crocodile running for a gift like this the album turned out in
  • 06:13: This time, the new still heavy I hope the customer like thanks great that looked at you was Katerina hookova you want my blog all the best