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  • 00:00: Rose, queen of flowers I decided to just roses dedicate this week although Many begin their getting to know you creating wounds grew up on I think there is nothing the more complex it do you sooner beautiful naturalistic Rose and I myself away not the man which makes the most stunning roses but would still like to I know how I have I try to teach and show how to do foamirana of roses and I We start this week 1 workshop this
  • 00:30: week will be on how to I make a rose dolce vita sweet life is one of the my most- at most favorite roses I think the beautiful and I'll show you how I did I do to build Rose dolce vita we need Petals two different 13 petals sizes smaller and 5 petals large and small petals you can cut out all the same size as can be 5 petals the segment cut
  • 01:01: fully and more eight petals cut only the upper part of this is Dooku's petals but I usually cut out all 13 petals fully I treat them then to cut away the upper part what is it for now in the process creation rose assembly I'll show you where I cut the petals so that the upper edge of the petal part of such a wavy
  • 01:32: and any recesses shcherbinki on it that is present I've been in a straight line pattern thus petals are more natural and each lepestochek such pain unique and petals processing we need some round items large petal, I am taking and a light bulb here for a small petal it is less respectively circle need smaller ball made I take Bulku weave Bulka he size
  • 02:03: is approximately workpiece size foundations we we will use to build but I just a little less than this not terribly sharp end enclose iron petal and sponges Burst lower of the petals bulb about because we did when treated poppy petals that is, we need to a petal convex bottom will type view less because it is very near I heats Petal such be should not minimized and
  • 02:34: prodavlivaya lower all of the petals large petals I treat like this way little petal below us You need only squeeze and and 5 petals beginning you showed we have only 13 petals on us you need to push the bottom only just five petals and that's the way Now I have eight petals, and one more thing such lines so they
  • 03:04: We stayed for I take training a wet sponge and dry pastel if you pick up oil bed and the coil should be dry or be sure to wet 1000 and minus on edge Petal ie petal end I have a small sponge then painted We add up yet bed is not dry and an upper bellows of the petals while scrolling wet the bed wet it smeared
  • 03:35: He pounded on the edge petal turns this very interesting toning here such lepestochek Now this I I turned until I fingers still large stained petals we need that they had to pass tinted completely quite a little and until my fingers still stained by previous tab I take them and chat rubs big Petal likewise pile feeders and if rubs enough possible to
  • 04:06: finger put right in sponge a little bit more additionally bed a little finger paint and here we do not need such a strong tinting it should be petals m very a little bit painted the same be extended tinted petals small petals of I will be more bright and those that is not processed try to bed apply more those who have We have five petals
  • 04:36: sponges push and to get a little bit smaller slightly less should be bright and so the principle is the same I color the very end petals of this the same fingers small petal and beautiful and why we you need to cut here petal I I am beginning to show In order to have a rose I turned a more severe and they collected open for this here we are 8 petals
  • 05:07: little we do cut off like this way along the arc can just as I He said it was but I do think it is easier to Petal process scroll when it not otherwise cut folding tab such a small pretty hard and now we need to the first two petals sticking the workpiece to These base Rose if you have a simply because no one can foil form
  • 05:37: just such a a modicum of glue straight very very close to the verhushechki flower here the first flap pasted little corners if some too long it is possible for it just is not straight cutting down I take a second lobe and likewise cut off the excess and
  • 06:07: pasted only the upper part preform lobe my roses next row I petals It will consist of I have three petals I keep them exactly also link here It can be a little more petal leave them top of the petals slightly longer leave and already the number of petals I pasting is not so close to my preform to seredinke a little more freely
  • 06:37: that is, we like petals start a little disclosed as well Again, the principle same a little bit glue middle and pasted little corners same glue all three petals in a number of countries all located approximately one the distance from each friend the next four number of petals again three petals again
  • 07:07: cut away in an arc placing a crescent and glue again three petals in a row so way that they It was even more so and the seed and the surrounding basis to the number of petals was still more so blooming and here you can see we have
  • 07:50: a workpiece such ostrenkoe happened if we not tied up right now petals in it We already have a fairly wide and turned there would be no such ostrenkoe drop in different shape and now we pasted small petals that we push and bottom we do not They cut off their five stuff and we need them paste in a number of because we are below Burst shape Bulka is very
  • 08:20: It fits well zagotovochku Rose's and this is good stick first glue tab bottom and then nanoshu by shear adhesive petals previous row Well that is sticking this tab approximately the middle, up petal longer pasting ie the number of petals He was quite a blooming we it turns and continue sticks all 5 petals unlikely
  • 08:50: placing them approximately one and the same distance Here is a flower in We had a can leave it even so if you need to unblown rosette but we have a number of large 1 petals are very, very and joints a full-blown row petals big and here I pasted petals first with only
  • 09:21: base drop of glue at the base that is These petals are cardinally different from all previous and very different and it looks quite otherwise the flower fasten first glue petals only large adhesive Drops grounds and the last five petal I pasted under the first tab that is, we all petals have a one hand be closed
  • 09:51: petal and the other the parties themselves to bed neighboring lepestochek that is, the last Petal he should not it should be on top go under the tab the first row and then I have glue petals small drop adhesive side Adjacent to a petal and here we have this rose It turns to us now It remains only
  • 10:21: paste sepal it cut out as a rule and others that is, it is not Right here in a correct form for which then turned drink course this our star as always I gather together acute edge leaves twisted between fingers and glue this leaf to the ground roses Of course swathes teip-belt stalk
  • 10:52: and that's so sweet life dolce vita we turned hope you enjoy doing this rose to pleased to see that you got lay out photo to an album Group VKontakte yet until the next meeting video