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  • 00:00: Hello to you and lenovo trays and today we do here this doll drag stocking technique for in addition, we need so many different materials, I will not show all basic only I show you will see in the manufacturing glya again I will use here a cardboard tube based decline rollers do not dispose of such Here the remains of the little things decline of kitchen gizmos
  • 00:30: they often come in handy in needlework and so I have a circle basis podstavochki dolls for nylon tights boiled filler for dolls and needle and thread yarn in order to make hair Clothing item of clothing you will see that I will use and other accessories we proceed further all will be seen
  • 01:00: We start with the preparation of pens take nylon stockings take filler wrap Now glasses like that is twisted
  • 01:30: cut off check with thread and We begin to flash fasten thread based on the handle
  • 02:00: now look attentively pierce and leave We enter here a needle and thread back product piercing and Waist repeat to secure from cup tightens
  • 02:32: gently thread this big finger we are ready to do a small indentation a little higher throw back thread forming the second one finger watching my videos constantly knows It has done but for bugs beginners will useful to look pierce advance back padding
  • 03:04: throw back thread like this shaped palm This simple version without frame cover it is done quickly or like this now look
  • 03:37: we derive a needle advance Mizintchikov we do here such a stop little side call of God and back We make a small padding down derive a needle's tail
  • 04:10: So anchoring at utjazhki the base cut away put pen ready just do 2 just beginning to big finger with this side and sewn into the
  • 04:40: side Here is ready to handle these two palms proceed to plow his persons take Capron Pantyhose we need somewhere here such piece we face so let's get to the head in the trunk not we will cut top open do indent somewhere here so much and tying node
  • 05:13: somewhere reserve here We take the cake forming Face Ball well, like this except by pantyhose so owls We complement even here in
  • 05:43: Basically like this until the top of the can inquiry So We begin to flash with spout
  • 06:13: take the check from thread pierce bottom to top like this We do a little here to return to starting position and again pierce top like this do indent
  • 06:50: somewhere centimeter no pierce down on top We repeat the same that he did here so here again because for In order to secure the utjazhki need here are these punctures leakage repeat several times like this Now we form
  • 07:20: wings of the nose I throw mentovku Practicing beforehand their finger pierce the bottom upstairs here and Waist and back pierced utyanuli Now that pierce
  • 07:58: WHO do the same on this side Muzychko not reset basically you will throw at or vice versa from the top down as you wish and to do so here stick finger pierce and again Waist
  • 08:30: well, like this he has such a nose potatoes have my obtained form the his little finger pierce us We make small
  • 09:02: thin nose look pierced and That's how powerful a needle somewhere after half a centimeter again pierced They never came back, and so Steps Up Waist slightly Piercing's stupa up again
  • 09:37: pierce We get such thin tolerated repeat several just one of the to utjazhki fix here So
  • 10:08: tyazhechko secured Now do the eyebrows pierce the top sew So
  • 10:48: return a needle to transferred do just this sides
  • 11:18: we have on tweet you because they anchoring utjazhki
  • 12:11: We find the goods back like this is not a top back because on top, we will still and untie to complement filling our doll because here so do uzelochek prune needle
  • 12:42: thread tidy so now unleashing supplement filled to not form a face shop and thread fasten behind and display order to form night on the cheek
  • 13:12: slashed and the top like this Top and side small business here
  • 13:46: and down to at about the the same place where about Kavli pulls like this upstairs access here back down
  • 14:20: return tightens so re-do cup to secure the up and down like this pierce conduct
  • 14:52: a needle under the area where will mondeo handles and do a cheek this side pierce the top God's way return
  • 15:34: Nitschke big silly lost in the uncheck more back to top so te voi events to return
  • 16:06: to repeat fix utjazhki like this because to do mouth to pierce one feechki glitches
  • 16:38: Well. here we stick finger slimming tightens squeeze doll face not to thread pull and do here so little quite difficult to accurately do not have kolites
  • 17:08: uzelochek So let go of we get a dart open whetstone
  • 17:39: We take a little bit more filler add down do lower lip deduce a needle in here with thread like this thread and put sewn after all not pierce fork and just below A new entry in this top bait stick
  • 18:11: his finger and tightens contractible again attractive face tight we do push knot to utjazhki not fix give it to dissolve floating thread yet
  • 18:45: by a needle, and so fix our like that now need to correct filler to take this thick not tick and neatly here again We remove the jump here all these folds thread and supplement
  • 19:18: instead of filling remove thread which considering hole So We take a little longer filler
  • 19:48: so we will continue to making body putting the person on basis for this you need to insert cardboard base inside here so where we will have a neck
  • 20:19: wrap it additionally supplement and attach adhesive neck head so secure Do not fill the trunk filler sewn chest take needle and thread Well do cu stick pierce the bottom
  • 20:51: we derive a needle upstairs So not to delay
  • 21:22: orders several times to fix utjazhki you can not thread just write down Here is the
  • 21:54: pupa Now take hope We begin to collect or partially assembled about difficult show all on their bodies it does not fit in at frame but that's a she high doll maximum defeated Well, not me obtained show everything just telling don
  • 22:24: on her clothes can be maybe it's you Dress is possible like me shirt skirt that's a vest We do a round base fastened to the base to plus pipe Fasten it skirt of our way take the wire draws him so put through back to handles to handle it could be locked in
  • 22:54: certain Now the situation on the wire dress sleeves We fill them and fasten our palms trained more show trial Here is the ready pen they are mobile and at the same time can be lock in the right position due to failure in now we necessary to issue the person I made a doll eyes for him such painted eyes
  • 23:25: pasted cilia inserted into my space for the eyes do I'll do your hair brown yarn all who see my video tutorials knows how we do We cheat on is wound on the hand and on any basis the right amount then cut yarn one side It makes such here doll hairs supplemented accessories apply makeup and doll will be ready all these processes
  • 23:55: I will not show because it shows each video on this bought a not very convenient thing you You know how to do it in the cup now! I show too ready option here and so in result looks like a doll che finally with a rolling pin in hand more detailed, you can
  • 24:29: be considered at photos because frame see uncomfortable show all if Did you like Master Class subscribe to my channel will be glad see the new your subscribers questions comments until all see you soon meetings