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  • 00:00: today's video is an altered art project and for this I am altering a Yankee Candle reed diffuser bottle to begin with I'm going to create a textured surface on the bottle so I've turn up some tissue paper and I'm going to adhere that to the bottle using Golden's soft gel medium I've chosen a soft gel as it's stronger than a fluid matte medium and although it's not as strong as a regular gel with soft gels not as thick so it's easier to work with and it's sufficient for this type of project so there's the bottle token covered and
  • 00:30: I also decided to add some of this decorative tissue paper and just to add a little bit of interest a lot of this does get covered up eventually and but I wasn't too sure at this stage how much would get covered up so I wanted to make sure that there was something of interest and other than the plain tissue on the bottle now I'm going to add some color to the
  • 01:08: bottle under this I've selected silks acrylic glazes and in four different colors although I actually end up only using three of these colors the two blues and the lime-green and I've chosen glazes because of their transparent nature so you are going to be able to see the pattern on that music paper the first color that I'm covering the bottle completely with is the lighter blue this is Mediterranean blue you
  • 01:41: and the second color I'm using here is the dark blue and mrs. majestic blue and finally this is the key line and then I go back with each of the colors
  • 02:14: again and just blend them through this is pearlescent white by Lumiere and I'm using this to add some softness to the piece and to bring some highlights to it you now I want to age the bottle so I'm
  • 02:58: using basics raw umber and this looks quite dramatic at first painting a layer of watered-down paint all over the bottle but as you can see I'm wiping most of it off with a baby wipe so that the dark brown color is only left in the crevices of the texture from the tissue paper the next thing I want to do is create
  • 03:39: some embellishments for the bottle so I'm using primo by scorpy and a hummingbird flexible mold this is from best flexible Montcalm and I show the process of putting the clay into the mold and have been asked about this before so I tend to put a piece a little oversized into the mold squeeze it in as much as I can and then use a flexible blade to shave off the excess and until it's flush with the top of the mold and then I usually put it into the fridge
  • 04:09: for a little while and that makes it easier to take it out without distorting the shape and then once they've been taken out of the mold I bake them on a ceramic tile for about 15 minutes the little pieces like this and here they are once they've been taken out now I'm going to add some colored pieces I've chosen to liquitex basics paints in
  • 04:39: crimson and cadmium yellow and I add two coats of the paint although you actually only see me apply one coat here the first coat and tends to seep into the clay and is not particularly bright because clay is a porous surface so that's the reason for adding two coats and I'm just using a detail brush by art master and a pair of tweezers to hold them since they are
  • 05:10: particularly small and fiddly pieces and they do want to move around a great deal you you
  • 05:59: and once the flowers have been painted I start to paint the little hummingbirds and I molded for hummingbirds in total for this project so I'm just going to show you one of them this again is liquitex basics paints in light green permanence to begin with and now I'm going back to the crimson color
  • 06:35: the same crimson that was used on the flowers and also the lumia pearlescent whites that used on the bottle at the very start of the video and this is Lamia halo blue gold and this is so that I can add thee and iridescent that hummingbirds have to their wings and you'll also notice that the hummingbirds beak and I have been
  • 07:05: colored with some black which I did off-camera and whilst I'm waiting for those clay places to dry I've taken some junkyard
  • 07:35: findings by prima these are the Rose heart corners and I'm going to paint these with the Lumiere pearlescent whites too much other elements of the project and this is brilliant yellow green from
  • 08:16: basics and these are little leaves from the same mold as the flowers and the hummingbirds and just like those elements they're getting two coats of this paint and now back to the Prima pieces and I'm aging those in the same way that I did the bottle at the start of the video so I've just applied a layer of brown paints that's been watered down slightly
  • 08:47: brushing it into all the crevices and then dubbing it off with a baby wipe so that it is only left in some areas and I apply the same aging technique to all the clay elements in the project now I'm using glossy accents by Ranger to adhere the prima pieces down and I've chosen glossy accents over something
  • 09:17: like a hot glue because you have time to manipulate the pieces before it dries now back to the leaves and I'm just adding a little bit of the mere paint to darken them a little bit and add some iridescent now I decide to add some the brilliant
  • 09:58: yellow-green onto the leaves of the Prima pieces so that's what you can see me doing here and again I add two coats of this paint next I'm using Ranger glossy accents
  • 10:29: again to adhere the little clay embellishments that I've made onto the bottle and form my design you you
  • 11:03: you you you
  • 11:51: once the glossy accents has had time to set I'm going back to the silks paint this is the majestic blue and I'm going to start to add some shadows underneath the clay embellishments so as I say I'm starting off here with the majestic blue which was the darkest of the two blooms I used at the start of the project on
  • 12:22: the bottle and then later on I use golden fluid acrylic in Payne's grey just to add the very darkest areas of shadow you
  • 13:09: you you you
  • 13:56: you now that the front of the bottle is complete I'm going to work on a design on the back of the bottle so I'm using the same elements as before some of the Prima pieces and also the clay embellishments that are made from the mold you
  • 14:59: you
  • 15:46: you you
  • 16:26: you now I have both sides of the bottle
  • 17:13: complete with the clay embellishments and design and I decided to add a border or frame around the sides of the bottle using Payne's grey you you
  • 17:54: now I'm adding some of the clay flowers and leaves to the sides of the bottle so that no matter what angle you are viewing the bottle when it's on display there will be some area of interest and it is fully embellished you
  • 18:36: you for the final part of the project I'm adding some fibers around the neck of the bottle in shades of blue the complement the rest of the project you and here is the finished bottle I hope
  • 19:12: you enjoyed watching the process as much as I enjoyed creating it there'll be a link to the full materials list in the video description and if you click show more you'll find both the link to the project materials as well as my social media links so if you wanted to follow me on my blog or Ustream and Facebook or Twitter and you can do so until next time thanks for watching and have a great day
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