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  • 00:00: Hello dear friends with you again elena Balaban and today as I promised I do video for you lesson best leaves to colors I think of the tapes is It will be a great decoration to your beautiful flowers go hundred to us today, we We need today different segments and bands here different widths any
  • 00:30: width in principle can be very even cute We will start from the leaf the leaves are is cut cut or soldering or scissors and then cauterize Lighter means take the stage 2 and 5 somewhere in the 10 centimeters will not roughly add up beautiful face in if you a novice can still do it like that little corners well Now held
  • 01:00: cut with if a powerful soldering iron he will allow 1 time you need to ring take a few just so we here obtained two types of leaf
  • 01:30: you want to use of such leaf and a leaf Because there are so well as second option is also the principle of very similar to here, type fuzzy and so there Out of the corner reserve some space to then we could our lepestochek choose from leaf and also that
  • 02:02: well you know it turns out we have here this leaflet and still we simply take and turn out happens, we By the way here is such a leaf in order to Basically that's it and you You can still make this interesting invoice We do take a soldering iron here such here
  • 02:34: small To wear glasses We wanted to point very well suited to such a texture eg rose are obtained interesting way to go on so what else
  • 03:04: leaves can be done same way you You can take any even a thin strip basically scissors or soldering cut like small otrezochek and solder cigarette lighter or simply cut off soldering iron on then we get here such a listyachka crepe their flower the same principle would
  • 03:34: very cute look so in general, and just sharp leaves then we just cut off with you so thin tape behind I anyone scissors is Zizek
  • 04:05: we stand as a such here foxes. in general, it is best simple that we cut and go to our next so the next category of our leaves it leaves which adds then we will have three options these leaves too Four options such leaves So start
  • 04:36: the first of these most variants it's so easy Now leaf but add up and then again add up Muzychko and now ship zazhigalochka chayzer call only
  • 05:09: you reached So farther goes on leaf which I also highly very easy to do first himself then from himself and here and so we get sometimes leaflet also very well suitable yet
  • 05:40: Now 1 regime to learn from us here is a leaf and the last we Here's a piece of paper who we are
  • 06:10: often the way we use the example chrysanthemums there ie there is used as petal e-mail, and more like a giant leaves his example used in rosette first add up knife pryamougolnichek Patrina Zhigalin add up there and our last
  • 06:52: lepestochek it lepestochek tour we do method the roasting we have to first of I have somewhere in the 5 to 6 centimeters just cut out particles We need 5 on the 7th floor using svechechki or lighters promod and now we need more
  • 07:34: do at the bottom of a pile of our you are exactly together
  • 08:04: all the dear friends I I hope that you Show all which leaves you year useful some of you have already I know some I hope that you were little and newcomers principle all for today put your husky write your comments will very glad to know that do you think that's such a that's cool leaf greetings and a friend you have not yet Subscribe to my
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