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  • 00:00: Hello everyone today we do here a rose from foamirana a rose you can put vase for decoration your house hair ornament out of it, I do not I advise because it turns out too much and how if you see look at him side it also such high flowers to be barrette look not so beautiful that option is suitable
  • 00:30: Only for interior if you want how to make rosettes hair ornament then I advise you to see my other video which also do rose but it's there it turns over flat and slightly smaller in diameter Link to this video, I I leave in the description as if you fun you can click on the picture to screen and go to the This video chat now from thin peace on I July 5 thickness millimeter cut petals sizes and the number you see Now the screen as you can
  • 01:00: download these petals if you go on link I I leave in the description once we have I tint petals it will make dry soft pastels red nanoshu it on a napkin and bottom of the lobe that's the way begin to tint rosebud we should turn darker than the extreme petals so we still tint small petals make darker Middle petals
  • 01:32: a little lighter and large petals You should turn the lightest all I have three petals I painted only with on the one hand you You see the bottom petal we do not for was painted because this point we held back petals finger but you can not experience because this part of the petal in Rose is still seen will not be paint the way it petals as it is in our interior
  • 02:02: flower we need make it more so natural to give structure I use MDL I must say that with him must be very neat because here in the veins expressed clearly and some even sharp so when we we petal not to put a muzzle We need it badly not to push background break start with the smallest petals of the side we tinted is applied to the iron a few seconds iron I preheated to medium temperature after this stand
  • 02:32: tab on the laptop I press down and wait for him until cool foamiran great this petal nothing make such petals we need do these three things three petals us need for the formation of flower buds further take the same small petals We are putting to the iron for a few seconds and portable to Mut after that
  • 03:03: We are putting to the iron petal edge and tighten up a bit do it with three Parties like this way after a little stretching the middle of a petal
  • 03:33: It makes a small groove like this worked up the remaining small petals not necessarily make you all the petals We had the same one into one Our main task do it depression in the middle and a little twirled edges These are small
  • 04:15: Petals I It has turned out like this with on the one hand and here so the other medium we petals handles mail as himself heating it to iron transfer to the MDL press down and forward while the camera freezes on hereinafter referred to as twirled edges and further up
  • 05:00: this petal we made more acute that is, that's the little corners that have We get after we We tucked the edges Preheat the iron on We adhere to the edge that they have not untwisted slightly and clamped fingers like this and in the middle drag a tab make indentation here
  • 05:30: what we do again not sure it do every petal some petals can make little corners some no also some petals you can tuck is not three parties and for example 4 heated stock Now heat the edge a little bit scrolls here tighten up here
  • 06:03: So and the edge in total the principle itself as a do you petal We understood and then have look at your discretion is not necessary try so that all the petals are clearly These are the same I have turned average with petals one side and another as a handle most
  • 06:34: large petals I show only one petals because they handled just as average only This lobe can tighten up a bit more of an edge because this will we the last row of a rose large petals
  • 07:15: ready now to let look at all the petals are in we have turned and so the smallest three petals which We have given only structure 6 petals we also additionally twirled edges 12 petals and medium-7 petals of the most more opportunities you need what some petals More some less all it will depend on matter what you rose want to see
  • 07:45: ready now see We proceed to the assembly I will stalk use plain wire and since she told me too thin and I did pile up in half and twisting like that between a a very important things is rose heart she must be I have it big turned about 3 centimeters diameter I simply twisted foil as this is such a droplets not core puncture needle and
  • 08:15: I glued to wire then take three small and petals starting paste foil forming bud of rose petals glue lap each other glue put on her colored side petal so we have 3 petals
  • 09:56: I have pasted continue form a bud take six small the remaining petals and glue them circle as opposed to the first three now we is not applied to the adhesive entire petal and Only the bottom and the edges on both sides a little above the middle so all the little
  • 11:36: Petals I stuck and we have Now this has turned bud want you noticed that until I form bud I glue the petals they same level as I think each close slightly higher then we Shanker It will be a little bit we disclosed proceed to mean we have their petals above do not think they will have already will be glued approximately one level but again, we We focus already finished petal if the edge align then he
  • 12:06: it turns all the same slightly above average I petals enough for two rows I now Glue one number at the same level others petals I begin to descend that you understand about what I am, let's say look at the photo fresh flowers here you can see that bud, as it were drowned inside each row petals rises up to a certain the date and at the end Conversely petals dropped down here something similar is necessary try and make and so we continue to any remaining glue
  • 12:37: circular petals overlapped on each Now we have another glue We will be applied a little to less than middle lobe here See the small Petals I inflicted glue just above the middle Now I put glue just below the middle see what a difference then we Shanker starts open so 12 secondary
  • 13:21: I petals stuck and I begin to glue the best great then I will the adhesive applied to the bottom and on the edges of somewhere one centimeter from a bottom that is quite a little bit good a
  • 14:10: all the petals I glued but such turned mug then we have to cut or green These are the leaves and as we need Mold rose leaf up and leaves me We get long
  • 14:41: almost eight width of 4 centimeters and a half small leaves me turned length 6 centimeters and the width of three half to one I will have roses two large foxes. and four small from the edge of the leaf We make small cuts then do invoice using Mold further toning edge
  • 15:14: leaves red or brown pastel I also cut here such details is will I sepal for roses Let these parts also a bit I touched up a little bit I shall not these details
  • 15:46: heat on the iron I and that's just handles so abruptly and from the heat of the hands they little will twist so I decided little seal Rose stem because that the reason most
  • 16:16: it turns stem I'm too thin I curl up two more between a wire and fasten them with them bowls Now swathes of the stem paper us need crepe paper width of about 5 millimeters and adhesive pva at the top of the stem, I I fix the paper hot melt etc. I I use adhesive pva Now put your
  • 16:53: our sepal and and
  • 17:24: here so I If you happened You may want cut a circle of such size as you like cut it on individual's Now the leaves are not dorezaya through and
  • 17:54: glue the piece I did sepal that's the way to to save Hummer because I I wanted to looking at rosettes on top were seen here these here if the leaves cut here such a large circle of foamirana the leaves too much material so I I made like this way you look do it as you like now we it is necessary to do and soliton and sticking to him I take a leaf brief
  • 18:25: wire and not wrapped with paper All cork's a part of this we We wrapped the part which will be stick to the leaf Do stick tong I'll be with leaves using super glue it freezes very quickly so wait a long time is not necessary when years he stuck dagger we need bit fix leaf at the base for that we put
  • 18:55: Glue a little bit so that our fingers stuck and Kris connect points after we all leaves are prepared we need to connect them together will connect on three petals one large and two small now beginning
  • 19:29: wire wrap paper straighten mysticism side like this in The Parties shall make two such blank Now glue to one stalk of rose we zagotovochku attach a second top the opposite
  • 20:00: sides below here so I'm pasting hot melt Then I begin again wrap paper And I want you
  • 21:02: show this on if you wish want to rosettes can add simulation time and that we We will do the usual hotmelt neatly we put a droplet on Petal and after the glue has dried, we remove excess adhesive that is, that's the webs that stayed here this we turned
  • 21:32: rosette if you liked Be sure to and classes subscribe to my channel so as not to skip the next video she is seen with you all very soon till