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  • 00:00: Hello I name is Karina download I'm a designer on exclusive cakes I help women with any level create training beautiful and delicious cakes to your close admired specially for you pastry school art ABC Pastry I wrote a free 10 Secrets of the Video create your cake dream home
  • 00:30: conditions today 4 we could secret cooking mastic at home conditions for to prepare mastic us home you need good quality powdered sugar because we have our shops where sold in packs and difficult for us to identify or quality eye we the consumer will quality touch sugar packaging We touched through
  • 01:00: packing this powder and Well try about it there where it less trying to probe if there the large grains powder should have teach remind starch that is, must be very small to help you sometimes on the packaging writes paraffin and 1 powdered sugar this is exactly what you need also look at if you are part of the same just refined sugar or sugar
  • 01:30: sometimes take part powdered sugar enters corn starch usually it import holiday if you all happened you bought Sakharov would even if some claims to th quality you have you You can correct or improve the quality the fact that he asked powdered sugar through a very fine sieve after it was class and basically it we ready to eat
  • 02:00: there is a craftswoman sugar mastic home in the Internet based own experience I realized that with these guide recipes enough difficult because again humidity air affects quality sugar powder gelatin so it's easier learn all make sugar mastic on the eye you must understand that you should have such say from plasticine that enough
  • 02:30: Plastic does not break and that does not crumble part composition sugar mastic lemon juice gelatin slightly diluted water do the same again after poured on the eyes a small amount of gelatin such as you see how many fears this will be enough for eyes for this the amount of just easy work and you we begin to know better diluted to a thick then let the slurry gelatin swelled so
  • 03:01: grid buy imported gelatin who quickly dissolution written where high purity and easier wants to avoid it was unauthorized smells and you were easier to work with them you Again it to water After the bath performed directly in the water have attacked such a clear thick porridge in the thick porridge melted cook lemon juice too, can either survive or just put a hand ready to salafanovym package
  • 03:31: You need to protect paste from drying out and a small piece butter it is also conditional and the amount we take much less that is, yet again consistency Now there is one recipe sugar with mastic using marshmallows marshmallow time such zefirchik cars a plaits in the form of some sort cushions but all kinds of usually they multicolored ie pure white mastic there if you mastic ice cream pink or
  • 04:01: peach color you you can use him about this mastic you some I tell some sort of Another time, we are now dwell on the simple thing for foot is mastic It can be used as stitched cakes and for modeling figurines and flowers some planes that you can listen Only a wall house roof castle chests Cover and chests
  • 04:32: simple things who need strength and lightness what are we doing but I have here 250 grams powdered sugar on Eye Eye brand we extrude such half teaspoon spoons of lemon juice and again on the eye take gelatin gelatin It gives us somewhere a little less
  • 05:03: gelatin will give us resilience and flexibility and our mastic will be more Now at Jardin It should be warm We start the whole thing stir first spoon all added little middle from place our dough made of sugar powdered chewing sock and watch already according to circumstances
  • 05:33: down by the fact that we What's going on you need to add or What it personally you - but if possible so for effect said when we formed a lock and start vymeshivat already handed for one thing we feel consistency of this
  • 06:03: affairs spread our channel his chair I will not give up that I have a little dryly We have such glasses if you suppress I have an opportunity buy glucose syrup
  • 06:33: or a transparent bright, very nice you Can also quite little droplet reduce hash let the mastic is give Nicholas. but I do the very most was setting where we have started hand except desirable - here at we have already obtained so the dough but we not white yellowish it is sufficient liquid
  • 07:03: Whether he wants to ask more start where they are not waving some scale amounts because that no one needed any the main thing to show you consistency and some ether is not giving will knead 700 a kilogram of sugar if you need obtyanut cake you have certainly do it all but more so not to have had no
  • 07:33: sorry for products initially in the first I stayed and highlights start doing so here when you realize such consistency should be your power to the in and then we can safely increase quantity ingredients and involve large plastic number Well it seems to me that It's enough taking mastic soft it does not stick to hands
  • 08:03: still do not Remember to always populyat hands like you can do it powdered sugar place I do not catty figures folk I see you I recommend to buy regular potato starch and be eliminated without a difference completely and powder and hand colorfulness on that you work these rights but not but why do we have butter you this mastic very quickly dry which is why
  • 08:33: It also called for rack gesso same at Wood is used for create some surfaces carcases say can be rolled up I show a couple which can be stalk lance rider he thoroughly dry it for three days it will be absolutely determined exactly durable it can withstand
  • 09:04: some out probably also touch neatly Flower Well certainly not to risk at least sometimes Needless to here such as if we want to blind from it figure themselves see if you initiative does not work starts to dry we add back very little a little bit butter prevent liquid evaporation our responsibility mastic longer remains fresh and
  • 09:34: if you are pulled top you need to work there align any irregularities bubbles and things easier your visit you with oil will help it Here's a paste from I have turned It must be very thin roll it out on you keep in shape all rolling thickness mastic for there course as State Farm is very good when they lie down a few hours she she suspects
  • 10:04: becomes more comfortable to be sure to store mastic is necessary in plastic bag well, or even better ears food film stars as less as possible air in the mastic mastic allow long it not stored on hardens stale greetings can be reanimate microwave better certainly do certain
  • 10:34: quantity your work residues simply dispose Well actually we all We have done today mastic with you was designer exclusive cakes reproached Zagoskina subscribe to our channel and in the alphabet yutyube Confectioner I'm waiting for you at following lessons