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Geranium. Reproduction by shanks and care of a plant.  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello everyone today I want to tell you about such a wonderful plant as geranium or pelargonium anal plant is very versatile universally so that It can grow in pots and the be open lesson decoration and window sills open garden areas this plant Mansi has healing properties Moreover, it is very unpretentious I would like to pay Attention reproduce this I personally plant
  • 00:30: I breed a plant points a member here see how many plants obtained cherenochki much a part of certainly plant I would like to I tell do you see here adult plant here lateral branches cherenochek I had cut off but she should be somewhere 10 July 10 centimeters cm but not less than five it has to be more will grow I put some water on it
  • 01:01: half hour then I prepare one shoot Pots should not be much larger large pots plants drawn drives sheet and can unusual not abundant bloom strongly spacious and march and so take the ground the soil and the ground 80 I I take one part all letters mix You can take the usual I take the purchase garden who both see the situation
  • 01:33: be sure to drain for us to be and make sure your good drainage plant loves watering loves light must be sunny windows get enough quantity of light at insufficient amount of light the leaves are small Flowering is not abundant Well, of course not overdo it and strong principles no one has gone to benefit optimum is the temperature
  • 02:04: room and during heating season 10-15 degrees hot rooms and the wound did not keep it she did not really like as if in ironka You grow with another plant on windowsill at the spraying plants and better that the water on the leaf I did not get and it is not very I like you when you Now it shows and in I cherenochki it at me in the street
  • 02:34: are this is now Extend this they plant the resulting puppies about a month here this here about this is motherboards mother plants they are very smart high since to and I did not drive it early loves very much get involved or very beautiful she looks window when down bare stick and there have already gone together it can stretch in height I take up to a meter and
  • 03:05: prischipnite apex I form the bush to we no longer growing width is formed at I now see plants are not high-rise although they are already 8 months somewhere 10 somewhere duck here them here cherenochki all accustomed Now it somewhere month they even will be reduced Now laid flower and myself great I feel this is now
  • 03:35: about the wall there is not fat another plant given all tiny somewhere was two centimeters on a I caught all empty leaves here is such a him that a night cherry even less than a month that means the provincial favorable conditions here it chesnochek me too Atal see how curve was on a leaf end of the leaf fell off well I think shall water look so you can see plumule
  • 04:05: that if suddenly you such situations not throw away flower rush this very beautiful and that I hope take root everything will be fine and then form form can be all of you the upright bush formed they say hopeless the situation does not happen no whimsical great all transfers already laid vidte the leaves have already how you can be clearly seen and
  • 04:35: Here are shorter than the bottom mystic will I would like to tell us a little on its properties probably all aware of this peculiar smell pleasant way well for someone like one people do not like others like if you began work you have a headache, and fatigue on Me verified sit close pot Sit gaze minutes
  • 05:05: ten calms resulting in tone been such The situation is rank geranium leaves can use for your deliverance pets on fleas I had a puppy and there he was growing Two and a half months were his drums used drugs for such dogs I took undesirable time terrorist
  • 05:35: He broke off a bit leaves and rubbed me and rubbed and believe rescued from a puppy insects can who do not use I knew also leaves geraniums can be use when otitis like first means if there you do not have time even to go the goal is not possible to seek medical advice and ear aches Do wash became clearer can apply in ear here and so here so that's useful
  • 06:07: beautiful ironka divorces easily just leave the main to comply with the most elementary rule I hope someone He helped suggested all happy until