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The new recipe of the most tasty cake without pastries. You did not try it yet! - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello to you home kitchen you Svetlana something like cook a delicious Cake Cookies us You need cookies cinnamon sugar 400 grams of sour cream 1 jar condensed milk
  • 00:31: vanilla sugar and ornamentation first thing we We need to make cream take the cream spread add condensed milk Astana
  • 01:07: add cinnamon groin print
  • 01:42: a little vanilla sugar to work First to 2 meters slow speed then we will gradually increased as our Cremona
  • 02:19: refrigerator to a little bit of it It cooled and cost breath and a cup of thickens We turn to our biscuit we need mainly for value of our cookies add up pastry making
  • 02:50: biscuit crumbs I I took the usual clamping biscuit and we need litter makes our communication of the threat
  • 03:21: we crushed our biscuit crumbs such and cooled our cream Now we need our cookie crumbs and under our cream make a new picture in addition to see Sholeh
  • 04:02: Now your house specialties
  • 04:37: in which we laid over that and lay out a slide top can add
  • 05:17: a little milk underflow after we We have put our dough on a dish, we need decorate our cake you need to decorate what
  • 05:47: you want e.g. fruits and cherry berries can take schedule cherries and we send our cake
  • 06:29: in the refrigerator few hours your cake cookies willing to try cook and it delicious all pleasant tea all the luck all while