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  • 00:00: Hello I and this name is Nadine knitting channel today we Turkish knit pattern which are called small sail This pattern is also It comprises elements elongated loops clarity, I tied here is a sample which is wide It consists of three rapport in height he It reaches 4 reports as you can see in the basic pattern in Each report includes mesh that gives this pattern of such
  • 00:31: lightness and openwork So we'll start naberom 15 loops on spoke and the first row knit purl because it will a back row and only from the second row start vyvyazyvayut the main pattern report consists of 13 loops additional two Loop is a bead and so the front row and 2
  • 01:15: we shoot first loop provyazyvaem one wrong provyazyvaem two along the front ie 2 together with 1 left slope sc 1 front 1 Wrong again one face and we do sc
  • 01:47: provyazyvaem two 4 further along facial 1 Wrong and last bead a number of knit backing fully in drawing and where we obtained purl we were binding their purl sc we also provyazyvaem Wrong face
  • 02:17: facial the only time that it is worth considering we must correctly cut here this openwork mesh and Now we provyazyvaem Next is the front openwork mesh we 2 together provyazyvaem that is wrong one loop and 1 sc sc do provyazyvaem another we gave the wrong and the lip and facial so we will
  • 02:47: repeating each Wrong number with this tracery net so the third a back row finished and we Getting fourth ledger remove an edge provyazyvaem purl provyazyvaem two together that is one Loop 1 sc do sc 1 facial 1 Wrong facial 2 nakida 2 together and
  • 03:19: still have three facial 1 Wrong, 1 backing bead on the basis of a number of knit previous of the back of a number of And now we come to the
  • 04:37: sixth series of the personal remove one an edge 1 Wrong 2 together front 1 sc 1 facial 1 Wrong Further, we have three 2 together facial nakida two face Wrong and bead next 7
  • 05:08: a back row 8 embodiment the face
  • 05:57: 1 bead 1 Wrong 2 together sc 1 front Wrong now 4 facial nakida 2 together 1 front 1 Wrong and
  • 06:31: bead as you You see this pigtail which put cut works for you She nakida it should reach the end facial and only then we will do elongated loop the tenth row we
  • 07:18: shoot first an edge provyazyvaem wrong again at 2 sc along the front Wrong 5 facial 2 together nakida Wrong and bead and with the next row There are 12 we will start vyvyazyvayut already elongated loop
  • 07:48: and so we proceed to the
  • 08:33: twelfth series again remove an edge provyazyvaem purl 2 together at facial we do sc provyazyvaem front and the wrong one front and then right needle enter in the lowest sc and pull thread through it so we repeat yet
  • 09:04: four times ie we each sc We will have to pull one extended loop all we will be located on the right spoke and we them until we provyazyvat knit Wrong in the same row further continue to knit facial remaining 4 and left in 2 more
  • 09:35: that we face we continue to knit Wrong and bead overturn knitting a back row remove an edge provyazyvaem front provyazyvaem 6 backstitches that is exactly
  • 10:08: the number of loops that comes to extended and now provyazyvaem 5 elongated loops, one loop together that is all there should be 6 loops provyazyvaem together seamy just enter here needle all these loops and provyazyvaem purl etc. face and make you knit openwork mesh We as in all previous series provyazyvaem together wrong and sc
  • 10:38: together we are doing sc knit 1 Wrong one face and an edge further This rapport is over and then I will show to How to start next rapport This is the second series of 2 front row with we started is knitted pattern beginning of the lesson and we remove an edge provyazyvaem 2 together purl front 1 sc
  • 11:08: front and Wrong here we were binding pro one face do sc and provyazyvaem two together, we continue to 4 facial 1 Wrong and 1 bead exactly a second series we already mated with you beginning of the lesson in this pattern over and a lesson in general too I I hope he will I liked I hope to hear
  • 11:39: read your comments down below video What do you think about this pattern and where would you like it apply for a just things I think that this pattern perfectly suitable for spring and all bye bye good mood up next lesson